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Welcome Back! - 3,000 chances to connect

I hope you had a wonderful and restful break! The kids are going to be so excited to see you!

I read this great little blurb about 3,000 opportunities to connect with students. I am not sure how he derived his statistics, but it is a helpful reminder of how much you mean to our kids.

Be sure to read about Mr. Doug too.

Regarding The Fountain

Here is the news regarding the student water fountain in the student kitchen.

The students may bring refillable water bottles and access the fountain during the following times: before school, from 10:15 - 10:45, again from 12:15 - 1:00, after school and teachers are welcome to take their classes at anytime.

There should only be two students in the building at a time in order to keep disruptions to a minimum. Please help monitor the fountain as the students learn the procedures and let me know if there are concerns.

Here's to healthy habits!

The book below is an old favorite!

Chargers Gear Friday

So I hear that we are going to have a guest attend our assembly on Friday...

and that guest is a big Broncos fan...

and that guest believes that the students and staff of SSF need to be clear where her allegiances lie.

Please encourage your students to wear their true blue Charger colors on Friday!