The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Stephen Chbosky

By: M.G.

Charlie is a wallflower. He's new to high school and has no friends, and is too shy to make them... until Sam and Patrick come along. Along with his new group of friends, Charlie learns what it's like to live outside the comfort zone. And through bumpy roads, and the occasional fist fights and haunting memories of the past, this group of friends teach Charlie what it's like to be infinite.

My Favorite Character

My Favorite Character in this book is Patrick, portrayed in the movie by Ezra Miller. Patrick is an extravagant and energetic person, to whom is also the first to let Charlie into the group. To me, he took in a complete stranger that he knew nothing of. Even though he is bullied by others, he takes pride in his nickname "nothing". He is also secretly gay and is dating the quarterback of the high school's football team. Even though he is different you cannot help yourself, but to fall in love with this lovable character. I recommend that young adults and teens should read this marvelous book because this book will forever be infinite.