The Element Lead!


What is Lead?

Lead is a heavy metal that is a bluish-white when first cut but then turns into a dark gray as it is exposed to air.

Includes: 82 protons, 125 neutrons, and has the atomic mass of 207.2!

uses for lead:

Lead can absorb vibrations and is an X radiation shield. Lead compounds are used in paints, insecticides, and storage batteries. Alloys are used as solder, pewter, bullets, and plumbing.


Has FOUR stable Isotopes!!!

Physical and Chemical Properties!!!

  • Physical: Ductile, Dense
  • Boiling point: 2022 [or 1749 °C (3180 °F)]
  • Melting Point: 600.61 [or 327.46 °C (621.43 °F)]

  • Chemical: Does not Burn
  • , Tarnishes when exposed to air
  • Lead is readily dissolved by Nitric Acid
  • Lead is a moderately active metal

Why you want to buy this element:

Lead is theorized to be the oldest metal known. We are over stocked because the world is FULL of lead! Plenty to sell! Even though it is dense, Lead is so soft that it can be cut with a knife. You want this metal to protect you from X radiation or sound vibrations! You'll love it just keep away from kids!

Fun Fact:

Vincent Van Gogh chewed the end of his paint brushes that had lead in them and since lead is toxic to ingest he went crazy and THAT'S why he cut his ear of for a girl.

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