Pipestone National Park

By Nadia Primer

History and Location

Pipestone is located in Minnesota U.S.A. and was finally was established in 1937. Some of the historical things to see there are the Nicollet rock and the Three Maidens. Only Native American ancestry are allowed to access the pipestone. They use this Pipestone to create pipes and they also use it for lots of sculptures because it is easy to use yet it is a strong material. Also because of its many colors.

Interesting Fact

Pipestone is one of the few remaining areas that still have native tall grass prairie.There are many different types of animals from minks to bats. The pipestone that makes this park special is that the pipestone comes in many different colors varying a lot. Also this pipestone is good for crafting.


Over the past couple of years Pipestone has had trouble with the number of plants blooming. In the beginning very little flowers in Pipestone bloomed. It numbers soon went up just to drop back down again.

Climate and activities


Climate here varies. It is warm and wet in the summer and cold and snowy in the winter. The weather here is always changing.
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At Pipestone they have the junior ranger program like most state parks do. While doing this they give you a booklet with several different activities in it. Then when you complete it you get a badge and a certificate. This is a great activity to do because you can learn all there is to know about Pipestone. They also have a few summer camps like the Youth conservation camp. If your a more indoors person they have museums and cultural demonstrations. If you like to be outside they have lots of nature walks and picnic areas.

Relation to Native Americans

Indians have quarried the many red Pipestone found at this very park. Indians used this Pipestone for smoking and pipe making material. And they still return here for the same reasons.

Also in the book Sal, Gram, and Gramps get a smoking pipe for memories of their trip. Also Gram dances with the native Americans. Lastly it says in the book the Gram and Sal`s mom don`t like the term Native American.