The High Adventure Rocks

Summer fun!

I went to bear paws jumping and slippery rock. The name is self explanatory being that on jumping rock you jump and slippery rock you slide down. I went with scouts from my troop that are 13 and willing to go. This event took place at bear paw scout camp near the end of July. We arrived at the area by car and the camp bus. Finally we went to do this because it is fun and awesome.

Look at me!

Picture of this below.

The science of it all.

1: When jumping off jumping rock, the gravitational pull of the earth pulls you back down at a speed increase of 9.8 meters per second per second.

2: The water moving toward the slippery rock deinclination is powerful and coming in contact with you the whole time. This makes it so your surface area is being pushed down by the force of the water and once at the top gravity helps too! No citation for this one, just applying what I know.

I wonder...

1: How long it would take me in a diving position to reach terminal velocity?

2: If you could estimate the time it would take to fall from jumping rock if the total weight was 100 pounds with the density of plutonium and a wind resistance contact area of 10 square inches?

3: How much force is behind the water pushing you on slippery rock?

4: How many biological life forms came in contact with slippery rocks water this year?

5: What level of PH the water is at?

6: What the impact force is on jumping rock?