Nation Media Group (NMG) has engaged Web Tribe Ltd to provide with electronic Payments services through the service called JAMBOPAY™. Through the JAMBOPAY™ gateway, NMG has created a new revenue collection and registration platform channel, to drive e-papers and online

classifieds ads sales. The e-paper system enables Nation Media Group customers to subscribe for e-papers from anywhere in the world and pay online and/or on mobile.

About Nation Media Group

The Nation Media Group (NMG) founded by His Highness the Aga Khan in 1959 has become the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa. It has been quoted on the Nairobi Stock Exchange since the early 1970s. As the leading multi-media house in the East African region, it has print as well as electronic media and the Internet which attracts a regular readership quite unparalleled in the region.

Business Solution

The JAMBOPAY™ service proposes the following

· Online subscription and revenue collection for NMG (Visa, MasterCard and local debit


· Mobile revenue collection through mobile money options such as M-Pesa, Airtel

Money, Yu Cash

· Integration and synchronization between JAMBOPAY™ payment gateway and the

subscription management system

· Instant payments notifications and reports generation among other features


· Single gateway for all payment channels

· Lower cost of implementation

· Flexible platform to allow real time integration

· Time to market

· Transaction fees business model

· Services in the cloud to focus on Sales