Single Parents


1. A concern that may be unique to the parent is that it may be a single mother taking care of the child that is having a hard time connecting with their child because there is no father-daughter bond or mother-son bond.

2. If they are a single parent they are going to be working and have to schedule everything around their job to support their lives.

3. It may be more difficult for single parents to try and change themselves for the better of their children. They have a lack of time and could be very tired throughout the day and not be able to concentrate on changing their attitude.

4. Single parents may looks to the future hoping that soon they may have help from an outside source (prospective mode). They may look to the teacher more for help by asking for it or just expecting it because of their situation (resource mode). Single parents would probably have little to do with the collaborative mode because of their lack of time to connect and help their own children. Single parents may look for immediate help when it comes to financial situations (reactive mode).

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