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December 16, 2022

Upcoming Dates

  • THU, DEC 22- MON, JAN 9: NO SCHOOL (Winter Break & Institute Day)
  • TUE, JAN 10: School Resumes following Winter Break
  • MON, JAN 16: No School (Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday)
  • WED, JAN 25: Early Release Day
  • AM classes DISMISS EARLY at 11:05 am

    If your child rides the bus home from our morning session, drop off at your home or child care will be 25 minutes early.

    PM classes START EARLY at 12:05 pm DISMISS EARLY at 2:10 pm

    If your child rides the bus to school for our afternoon session, pick up will be 25 minutes early from your home or child care and the bus at the end of the day from Fox Ridge will drop off 50 minutes earlier.

Reading Is Sweet Family Event

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Winter Gear & Outdoor Play

Outdoor play continues throughout all the seasons at Fox Ridge, weather permitting, and is an important part of our curriculum. Classrooms will plan on going outside as long as conditions are safe to do so and the temperature, including wind-chill, is above 15 degrees Farhenheit. Please be sure your preschooler has clothes appropriate for outdoor play daily. When the temperature is "close" to our cut-off or above please make sure your child has clothes appropriate for outdoor play. Some classrooms go out first thing and it is most helpful to send your child ready for outdoor play. Other classrooms go midday or at the end of the day and you can send any extra gear in your child's backpack.

If weather prohibits outdoor play (e.g., too cold or hazardous conditions like ice present), classrooms use one of our indoor motor areas.

We need your help

Winter Clothes Sequence

Help your child practice putting on winter gear alone, in this sequence, to build independence skills when dressing for play in snow or very cold weather. Get into the habit of putting gloves and mittens on last even if your child is not yet independent with zipping yet.
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Please note: Currently enrolled Fox Ridge Community Preschool (fee-based) students do NOT need to be entered into the lottery. The lottery is for enrolling NEW students in our Community Preschool (fee-based) for 2023-24.

Student Absences

When your child is going to be absent from school only ONE phone call is required --- to the attendance line 331-228-2400. Notifying teachers is optional but the call to the attendance line is essential.

If you know ahead of time your child will be missing there is also a pre-arranged absence form to complete (request from the front office). It is required to be turned in at least 2 days before the requested absence and applies for certain types of absences (family vacation, special religious events, etc.)

Bus Riders: There is NO NEED to call the transportation department to notify them of the absence. The bus driver will stop for 2 minutes at your child's stop and then continue on the route if you are not outside when they arrive. The department doesn't have staffing to field phone calls regarding absences or notify the drivers of the messages. Additionally, they need the phone line open for other purposes.

At Home Playful Learning

Bottle Bowling


  • 10 empty plastic bottles (soda bottles or water bottles work great)
  • A rubber ball


Arrange the bottles in an equilateral triangle with one of the “points” facing the bowler. Designate a foul line, the line a bowler cannot cross. Have the bowler roll the ball toward the bottles. Count how many bottles are knocked down. If more than one player, take turns bowling and resetting the pins, being sure to note how many bottles were knocked down each turn. After each person has bowled 10 times, the child who’s knocked down the highest number of bottles wins.


My Favorite Museum


  • Shoeboxes
  • Jars or containers
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Crayons


STEP 1: Have children gather their collections of favorite things. Collections can be anything from stuffed animals, dolls, and action figures to rocks, seashells, toy cars, etc.

STEP 2: Ask them to separate each collectable group of items and place them in shoe boxes, small jars, or containers.

STEP 3: Help children label their collection exhibits on paper or notecards. Each exhibit should have a name, an age (how long has your child been collecting it), and a fun fact, i.e. “I collect marbles because I like all the different colors!”

STEP 4: Show children how to arrange their collections to create a larger exhibit that will showcase all of their favorite things.

STEP 5: Build your children’s language skills by encouraging them to give “tours” of their personal museum to other family members and friends.

Skills to Practice: Language, Writing, Speaking, Organization, Critical Thinking


Clothing Study - Uniforms

Mr. Travis & Ms. Murthy's classes extended their learning during a clothing unit of study with special guests.

Bakery Study

Miss Shannon W.'s class learning in the dramatic play area during a bakery study.
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Take-home rapid COVID test kits are now available upon request at Fox Ridge Early Childhood Center while supplies last. These are rapid test kits that include two per box. Families can make a request by contacting the main office at 331-228-2400.