Welcome to Neptune!

Visit the "Gas Giant"!

Take a trip to Neptune's most interesting moon!

Take a visit to Triton!

  • Triton is Neptune's LARGEST moon
  • Triton is 1 out of 14 known moons
  • Triton is a frozen world spewing nitrogen ice and dust particles from below its surface

Slide on Neptune's rings!

Slide on the rings of Neptune!

  • Neptune has 5 known moons
  • Neptune's rings are made of ice particles mixed with dust grains and they're possibly coated with a carbon-based substance
  • They're very thin

Fun Facts!

  • Neptune has a very active climate
  • Surface temperature: -201°C
  • Humans would never be able to adapt to these conditions
  • Neptune has no solid surface because it's made of gas this is also one of the reasons why humans can't live here