Midddle Childhood Health Concerns

Jada Foster


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  • Ear infections can be a health problem.
  • Most children have auditory awareness of adults by age 11.
  • Ear infections can cause permanent hearing loss.
  • The number of ear infections decreases .
  • Children s hearing is developed by middle childhood.
  • Mid range , high range , and low range are sound develops .


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  • Children are ready to read by age six.
  • Their ability to focus improves.
  • Many preschoolers are somewhat farsighted .
  • Close up vision improves during the middle years.
  • Nearsightedness is the most common vision problem .
  • 25% of children will need to have their vision corrected .
  • Children s vision needs to be checked regularly .


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  • Children begin losing their baby teeth.
  • Central incisors are the first teeth to fall out.
  • 20 primary teeth will be replaced with permanent teeth .
  • These changes are accommodate .
  • Tooth loss can have a psychological effect .
  • They become self conscious .
  • Tooth decay is a common health problem .


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  • Characterized by body fat .
  • considered obese if you weigh 20% more of other people .
  • Impacts a child emotional health .
  • Often teased by their peers.
  • lack self esteem
  • some obese children have overweighted parents .
  • Last to be selected in group projects or teams .