Spotlight on Willis Techy Teachers!

Volume VI - May 31, 2013

Only One More Week To Go!!!!

I know everyone is counting down the days, but we can't tell by looking in your classrooms. We love being a part of your end of the year projects and talking with you about great technology plans for next year! Only one more week to go!

Google Docs and QR Codes! Featuring: Mrs. Jane Pavelka and Ms. Emelia Zapata

Ms. Zapata and Mrs. Pavelka’s fourth grade Dual Language students are working very hard on their PBL for Cannan’s outdoor learning classroom. One of the first steps is identifying the different trees. After extensive research the students are using Google docs to produce a guide in both English and Spanish for all grade levels to use. They have also included QR codes that will take you directly to the web page for more information. To see an example, scan the qr code above or click on the following link

Tablets! Featuring: Ms. Tracy Gray

Ms. Tracy Gray’s fourth grade students at Turner Elementary were hard at work this week using their Nexus tablets. They were on a Scavenger Hunt with QR Codes placed throughout the halls of the campus searching for Texas Trivia. Questions like, “ Do you know what the State Pepper is", and, “ What product is produced more from our state than any other?” They know now along with many other interesting details about our Lone Star State. Kuddos to Ms. Gray and her techy team of students!!!!

Chromebooks! Featuring: Mrs. DeAnna Murrell

The 8th grade students in Mrs. Murrell's classes at Lynn Lucas have been using Chromebooks in their classroom. Mrs. Murrell has been teaching the students about different forms of propaganda. Each student was given a Chromebook and researched commercial examples of 5 types of propaganda. They were asked to write down the examples and explain to Mrs. Murrell which type they were. The students were actively engaged and enjoyed searching for examples.

Tablets! Featuring: Ms. Megan Little and Mrs. Jill Nuckolls

The 7th grade math students in Ms. Little's and Mrs. Nuckolls' classes at Brabham did a two week budget project. They were assigned a job and used tablets to research how much money they made, the responsibilities the job entail and what kind of education you had to have in order to obtain that job. They then had to find their gross monthly salary as well as their net pay from their jobs median yearly salary. They had to create a budget that included, car & house payments, food budget, an entertainment budget and more. From their food budget, they had to create a menu for their family and, using their entertainment budget, some places they could afford for entertainment. They also enjoyed a little check writing. After compiling all of this information, the students wrote a paper on their tablets and submitted it to their teachers using Dropbox.

Animoto! Featuring: Mrs. Kameron Wilder

Mrs. Wilder, the counselor at Parmley Elementary, made a very special project using Animoto. Mrs. Wilder has attended many of the technology trainings offered at her campus this year. She put together an Animoto video to honor a friend of the Parmley Family. This video highlighted all of the ways that students use technology at Parmley. We are super proud of Mrs. Wilder for stepping up and becoming one of our "Techy Teachers".

Brought to you by:

Tink Jones, Josh Cole, Jean Eaton and Courtney Brown