Join the French Club!!!

Devenez membre de le club français!!!

Le Club Français

Thursday, Sep. 26th, 2:15pm

Madame Boucher's Room (#110)

Who should join?

Anyone and everyone! There is no minimum prerequisite knowledge of French necessary to join, so we welcome any interested new members! All you need is an interest in learning about a new culture and language.

What happens at meetings?

At the beginning of each meeting members will be able to taste the delicacies our club chefs have prepared, and there will be some time to socialize and meet the other members. Then the club officers will give a brief presentation of a meeting agenda and give any important information about upcoming events or fundraisers. This will be followed with fun french-themed activities, icebreakers, and begin planning future events.

When do we meet?

The French club meets on Thursdays right after school. This allows athletes to participate in our club as well because you will be able to attend the meeting, and then go to practice.

Where are our meetings?

All French club meetings will be held in Madame Boucher's room (room #110), but we will also have events that take place outside of school.

Why should you join?

The French club is an amazing opportunity for Masconomet students to explore their cultural interests, learn more about the French language, taste the delectable French cuisine, as well as make new friends.


To get more information about the French club you can record your name and email on the sheet today at the Activity Fair, or you can send an email to either or The best way to learn about the French club is to come to our first meeting, which will be held on Thursday September 26th at 2:20 in Madame Bocher's room (room #110).

We look forward to meeting all new members!

Come, bring a friend, and enjoy being part of an amazing club!