The hobbit

By: J.R.R tolkien


Bilbo starts out at the shire, in his hobbit hole. Gandalf, a great wizard, visited him and offered an adventure (in which he declined) and returned the next day with many dwarves, they left, and he raced to catch up with them for the adventure. He was tested as a burgular and overall succeeded. They finally arrived at the lonely mountain, at which there quest will officially end. There quest was to reclaim the dwarves' gold from smaug, an evil dragon. Bilbo finally met up with the dragon. The dragon was aggravated and he left the mountain and was later killed by bard. Afterwards A war started that was won by the dwarves, elves, eagles, and the citizens of lake town. He returned home and resumed his life.

The hero's journey

The ordinary world:

Bilbo begins in his hobbit hole peacefully eating breakfast then going out to blow smoke rings.

The call to adventure:

Gandalf shows up at his house one day looking for a hero and a burglar.

refusal to the call:

Bilbo doesn't want to go on the adventure.

Meeting with the mentor:

Gandalf is bilbo's mentor and he thinks he is perfect for this certain adventure because of his took side. Having took qualities means that you're interested in adventure.

Cross the threshold:

When bilbo leaves the shire he has crossed the threshold and cannot return until this adventure is complete.

Tests,allies, and enemies:

The dwarves and Gandalf are bilbo's friends and partners in their quest. His enemies are the goblins,wargs, spiders, etc.

Biblo's first test was to rob one of the giants which he failed and nearly got everyone killed.

BIlbo's second test was when he was trapped at gollum's home and had to solve riddles to stay allive.

Bilbo's third test was when he killed many spiders at their layer.

The approach:

Bilbo has to complete the most challenging part in their quest. He had to talk to smaug. At one point they had a full of conversation. It caused Smaug to be aggravated and then Smaug was killed by bard, a resident at lake town.


Bilbo's near death experience was when he was hit in the head with a falling rock and passed out for a while. He had the ring on so no one could find him while he was passed out. He wakes, takes off the ring, and returns to the elves' camp.


Bilbo is physically rewarded with a portion of thorin's hoard.

Bilbo is physically rewarded with the sense of accomplishment and confidence.

The road back:

Bilbo is sad to go home because he made some good friends but he was slightly happy because he would get to return to his home.


When bilbo returns home his house is being auctioned off. All of the hobbits in the shire thought bilbo had died.

Return with the elixer:

Bilbo is accepted back into the ordinary world. He is now more confident. He wont shy out of an adventure.
There is always more about you than anyone expects ~ Gandalf
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all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. ~ Gandalf


You learn from the hobbit that You can accomplish anything even if no one believes in you.