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Next 5 Weeks: 6th Grade ELA Business Project

Get ready to use many skills we have mastered this year to establish a business plan, create a product, design it, advertise it, and "sell" it. This will be a five week project. Each week will focus on one part of the project, and each part will be due that week's Friday. As a whole, the project will be one Major grade at the end of the five weeks.


1. Week One: Create a brand/company

2. Week Two: Create and develop the company’s first product

3. Week Three: Create a Kickstarter page

create a webpage that mimics the campaign page of a Kickstarter project

4. Week Four: Create a commercial that will be featured on your Kickstarter page

5. Week Five: Create a print ad for your product


● Each project will be a minor grade and will have a specific due date.

● Groups will present their Kickstarter page to other students as thought they were potential investors. Students will have opportunities to “invest” in other companies after all presentations.

● The final project portfolio will be a major grade, and determined by the five projects plus the presentation. Each project will have a specific rubric to guide groups. Projects that are submitted late will only have points deducted from the minor grade.

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