internet safety

lock your information

1. One way to stay safe online is to lock your privacy on the intenet .2. Never tell no one none of your information like were u live becuase they can do something bad to you.3.Only give information to places that you want to work at because they will send a note to your house and see if you applied to the job or not if you dont do this you will be kiddednaped maybe......4.For the facebook lock you got to go to the settings and then put privacy and only finds but dont put every one. 5. And never send no one a friend requet because they could accept it and they will tell you were you live is to dont put a pic of your and every one can see it if your things are not lock besuase it will show the address and a pic of you so they will know were you live.6. give info. to only family .
This is  good informatin because some thing could happen to you and it will not be a good thing it will be a bad thing because they could kidnap you and track you down.
I did this poster becuase i want people to stay safe online.Some people can get killed anywere around the world. Always keep your things that you dont want nobody to see lock it. Spread the word about internet safety like friends and family that you want them to stay safe.