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October 30, 2020

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  • November 11th: No school in recognition of Veteran's Day

  • November 23rd-27th: No School due to Thanksgiving Break

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Celebrating Diversity

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Vista Oaks Inclusive Community Education


Dear fellow students of Vista Oaks. Hello, my name is Emmia Barnes. I am starting a new group at our school called "VOICE." The acronym stands for Vista Oaks Inclusive Community Education.


This group is anti-racism, anti-homophobic, anti-xenophobic, all-inclusive, and all-positive. The group aims to create a more inclusive environment for students to learn and grow at Vista Oaks. We will do this through awareness, education, understanding, and acceptance by providing a safe space for students to speak our truths, share our experiences, appreciate our differences, and embrace our similarities.


How can we change if we can't even have conversations about these topics? With our country so divided, too many leaders have sows the seeds of hate and division rather than promoting unity. The only way to get to know someone is to interact with them. The only way to know someone's story is to hear them. The only way to have someone get to know you is to open yourself up to them. By listening and learning with an open mind and using their own VOICE, our goal is to help students know the one truth: we are all just people.


In our first meeting, we will have an introduction. We'll each give our names, the grade we're in, our preferred pronouns, and then a quick sentence or two as to why you've joined the group and what you hope to get out of it. Then I will talk about why I'm starting this group, and at the end of the meeting, you all can feel free to ask questions about the group. The meetings to come in the future will allow us to talk about the groups we represent and the things we've experienced in our lives as a result.


We will have shared readings prompted by the members to educate ourselves on racial, cultural, and social topics. The meetings will promote discussion and sharing of experiences. We will also have movies/watch parties to encourage exposure to cultural, social, and racial issues. We will collaborate with school faculty advisors and allies to promote unity and social education to better all students at Vista Oaks.



Day & Time - Every Friday @ 12:00-12:45 pm

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 831 9988 7281
Passcode: 661241

Who is this group for? - This group is for students in the 7th-12 grades.The group will provide a safe space for students of color, with disabilities and special needs, part of the lgbtq+ community, immigrants, male, female, non-binary, and anyone who wants to speak their truths or learn about others. I want this group to be a space for students from these groups to feel comfortable to talk about the things that matter to them.

Who is welcome? - If you are not a part of these groups, you are also welcome to come and learn more about them.

What to do?- Everyone is welcome to share, but no one should feel obligated to. If you'd like to come and listen or come to share, it's okay. We want everyone to feel a sense of belonging.

Questions? Email

Mental Health Moments

Feel like you just need a moment?

Here's a great strategy shared by our School Psychologist, Katie Hoellwarth.

Bubble Breathing

Take a deep breath in, hold for a few seconds, pretend you are holding a bubble wand. As you blow out, imagine you are blowing a bunch of bubbles.

We'd love to see pictures and videos of you learning from home!

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Speak Up for Safety!

We love when our students are able to share concerns with us directly, but having an anonymous option is really helpful for some! We have a safety line in place for this.





Please continue to check your email and our website for updates on closures due to COVID-19.

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