My uncle got me into soccer when I was 5. My uncle had played soccer for 30 years and he was really good at it. I started to enjoy soccer at recess when we would kick the ball around. I was really bad at 1st, but after a while I got better and better, and soon i felt confident and thought I was good enough to play on a team.


   We have over 5 tropheys won in distict tournaments. I have only played for 2 teams and I am currently playing for Wells Branch. My favortite game was when we were in the finals in a tournament in San Antonio, it was 1-1 and we only had 2 minutes left to win it. We ended up scoring in the final 20 seconds of the game. Since then, I have always remembered this because it was the day we won our 1st tournament.

Moving up

                We began to play select soccer when we were 9. We crushed every team we played so we were forced to move up a division. I played defender at the time with my friend Brandon and we had the strongest defence and let barely any goals in. After we moved up,w e won 2 tropheys in our 1st season of select soccer.

The present

                I love soccer, it is my favorite sport and I think it is the best sport in the world.I play it almost everyday and enjoy every second I get to play soccer. I play soccer very often and ussualy play for a long time with my friends. I enjoy soccer so much that I get so excited before a game. I love watching it, and playing it.