MIDAJAH BOGUE Grade:7 Avid:6


This year as a student i have grown a lot. One thing i have learned to do is a T.R.F. With a T.R.F we use Cornell-notes and the subject u need help on and u fill out a T.R.F. Then u are in a tutorials group and u go up to the bored and work out your problem. Finally if you don't under stand your problem then your table mates or your tutor will help you.


Using the Cornell way has helped me study and pass test. i use this method for studying because i think that it better because it has Questions and its not just a bunch of letters. also is separates each section so you don't get topics mixed up and you fail a test.


I use c-notes for studying because it makes it easier. Its easier for me because i can just flip the question side over and study by asking my self those questions and checking my self.Also its not just a bunch of notes its separated by its topics or sections.


Every Friday we have to grab a learning log. there or two sides left and right. on the left side you write what you've learned that week. on the right side you write what you did in any class that week. also you have to write 5 sentences on the left and 3 on the right side minimum.


G.P.A. stands for grade point average. what we do is we