What is stress?

Addison Mudd, Reagan Smith, and Reyna Harris


A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

When we are stressed the following happens...

  • blood pressure rises
  • breathing becomes more rapid
  • digestive system slows down
  • pulse rises
  • immune system goes down
  • muscles become tense
  • don't get much sleep

How we respond to stress affects our health.

  • We do not all interpret each situation in the same way.
  • Because of this we do not all call on the same resources for each situation.
  • We do not all have the same resources and skills.

Good Stress

Good stress is also known as Eustress or short-term stress. Good stress is what drives us to meet a goal. Experts say that stress is a burst of energy that advises you on what to do. Stress can help you accomplish tasks more efficiently, and it can boost memory.