Red,White,and True Blue Mallory

By.Laurie Friedman

Red,White,And True Blue Mallory

Main Characters:Mallory,Mr.Knight,Mary Ann,C-Lo,Pamela

Setting:Washington D.C.

Theme:In this story I think the author wants us to learn that what you want is not always what you want.Because sometimes what you want may make you a little mad or upset.

Conflict:In the book Mallory had a problem with her friend cause in the middle of the book Mary Ann got a boyfriend that made Mallory jealous.


Begging:In the begging of the book the class is getting ready to go on a field trip to W.D.C. a.k.a.(Washington D.C.)When the class gets on the bus they all fall asleep but a few stay up.When they get to Washington D.C. they get there hotel rooms.(there are 4 to a room)After they checked in they walked around W.D.C..Mallory and Mary Ann are partners for the trip.

Middle: In the middle they stop to eat,and when they stop Marry Ann and C-Lo were sharing food.The next day Mallory found out that Mary Ann was dating C-Lo.Mallory was jealous like really jealous.So now that Mary Ann had a boyfriend Mallory and Mary Ann weren't really partners anymore.

End:In the end of my book Mary Ann and Mallory are mad at each other.So in the end they go to a museum,and Mallory wants Mary Ann to go with her but she won't go with her.So Mallory go's by herself.When she gets back everyone is gone.So Mallory is now just wondering around the museum by herself.After all that she finds a guard and she finally finds her class.The teacher Mr.Knight tells Mallory they will talk later.When they get back to the hotel Mr.Knight asked Mallory to come with him.As they were talking Mary Ann walked in and they apologized.And now there friends again.The next day they got to go home and they were all happy.