Auto Accident Lawyer Tampa

Auto Accident lawyer tampa

The insurance company has the option to repair or replace your car, or reimburse you for the” actual cash value” (ACV) of your car. The “actual cash value” or “fair market value” is the amount your vehicle would have sold for immediately before the accident. The insurance company may consider your car a” total loss” if the repair costs equals or exceeds the vehicle’s ACV on the date of the loss. In many instances an insurance company will total a vehicle if the appraised damages equal 80% of the vehicle’s ACV because often, once repairs have begun, additional damages or “hidden damages” are found which would render the vehicle a total loss by definition.

You can choose your own auto accident lawyer tampa provided they are licensed. The insurance company may have your damages estimated by their own repair shop to ensure the accuracy of the estimate by your repair shop. The insurance company will then work with the repair shop of your choice, to get your car repaired.

It is not always possible to replace damaged parts with new parts. The insurance company is required to restore your car to the same condition it was before the accident. Depending on the availability of new parts, the mechanic may have to use reconditioned parts, or after-market parts.

If there is any delay in diagnosis, treatment, or filing of the claim, you may become ineligible to receive compensation. Your auto mechanic and body repairmen can help determine the age of the body damage or the cause of the mechanical failure. They can help you convince the insurance company what damage the auto accident caused.