African elephant

Aubrie Sanner


.African Elephants live in Africa south of the Sahara

.African Elephants live on both sides of the equator

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. African Elephants eat grass, leaves, shrubs, fruit, branches, and twigs

.When an African Elephant comes to an Acacia tree it shakes it so the seeds fall

Caring For Their Young

.When a baby African Elephant is born its nudges its feet to help it move,the mother stays close to her calf

. The mother stands over her calf to protect it from the sun

intresting facts

*Elephants are the largest animal in the world

* African Elephants get up to 13,200 pounds

* In 1979 there was an estimate of about 1,300,000 elephants and today theres an estimate of about 500,000 elphants

*African Elephants live up to 70 years old African Elephants teeth can be replaced 6 times