What's Happening in the Bethel Learning Commons

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September Start

Students in all grades are reading stories, watching videos, and practicing skills in order to become independent and productive library users!

Pre-K and Kindergarten

In pre-k and kindergarten, students have learned how to move around the library, take care of books, and have even authored and illustrated their first books! We’ve read Corduroy books, Monkeys in the Library, Miss Brooks Loves Books, What Happened to Marion’s Books?, Manners in the Library, Too Much Noise in the Library, and Beverly Billingsley Borrows a Book. Ask your child about these books that help start the year. Students in kindergarten also wrote stories called I Like Books! To read the iBook or view the video created from the book, visit

Third-Fifth Grades

Third through fifth graders have been learning how to self-checkout and have been working in the Tech Lab and in the BLC on how to use Keynote and how to use Destiny Quest. They are using this knowledge to create Keynote presentations explaining what kinds of books are found in each section of the library; showing examples of books; telling the call numbers for the books, and discovering how the books are arranged. Ask your child to show you his or her project.

Reading Promotions

Minute to Book It

“Starting every day with a book talk equals exposure to 180 books each year.”

Each day on the WBET News Show, great books are shared with the students and teachers throughout the school. Right now, Mrs. Roveri does the book talking, however, as the year goes on, we will be having teachers and students also talking about books we love! I have noticed that I cannot keep these books on the shelf…so excited to see kids who can’t wait to read! So far this year, we have book-talked the following:

· Skippyjon Jones books

· Boxcar Children books

· SC Book Award Nominee Books

The Very Inappropriate Word

Ick, Yuck, Eew…Our Gross American History

Zane and the Hurricane

· Froggy books

· Ladybug Girl books

· Bad Kitty books

· Scaredy Squirrel books

· Piggy and Elephant books

Ask your child which books he or she loves and try to encourage them to book talk to you. You can find great book trailers and book talking tips at - look for the link to NoveList K-8.

I am sure you will be seeing many of these books soon!


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Help Support STREAMing in the BLC

In the next few weeks, students will begin working on STREAM projects in the Learning Commons. What is STREAM?

STREAM = Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math

In order to complete these cool projects, we are in need of some supplies. To view the list of supplies, visit the Sign-Up Genius at http://LSURL.ME/13XC4. Thank you to our families who have already begun bringing in donations. Please say you can help with these additional supplies throughout the year. Oh..and be sure to save this link, http://LSURL.ME/13XC4 as I will be adding items, as needed. Thank you for your generosity!

Volunteering Opportunities

There is always so much to do in the BLC and we need you! To volunteer to help with library type activities (working with kids, shelving books, organization, etc.) visit and search for or go directly to http://LSURL.ME/13XAT. Any help is much appreciated!

A Little Bit o' Funny

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