all about Dingoes

By Jack Neumann

Body parts
Dingoes are one of the top predators in Australia. They have broad heads and a pointed muzzle. Their ears are always erected and there eye colors are yellow, orange, and sometimes brown. Also their feet are so big that they take up a third of their hind legs and there legs are about half their body.

The average dingo is 52 to 60 cm tall and the shoulders are 117 to 154 cm. From the nose to the tail they are 46 to 61 inches. Their average weight is 29 to 44 pounds also most males are larger than females.

Fur color
Dingoes don't always have the same color fur. Dingoes fur can be red, brown, tan, and black. Dingoes have short fur and most dingoes have small brown stripes on there shoulders. Also most dingoes are bi-colored.


How dingoes kill

Dingoes are predators that means they eat meat and other animals. When a dingo kills it bites the animal by the throat. More then one dingo is used to hunt large prey but when they hunt small prey only one dingo goes after it. When dingoes are hunting one dingoe chases their prey to the rest of the pack and then they kill it. Also in one part of Australia they chase there prey into a wired fence so it can't get away and then they kill it.

What dingoes kill

Dingoes attack many types of prey animals. Their most successful hunts are on kangaroos. they mostly hunt juvenile kangaroo. they also kill birds when they are on the ground they also kill monitor lizards. Dingoes also scavenge human foods sometimes. They also hunt sheep and goats that cause farmers lots of money.

Dingo vs. Kangaroo

The differences of dingoes and dogs

Although dingoes and dogs might look the same they are very different some of the differences are dogs are regular pets dingoes are not. One of the main differences between dingoes and dogs are there temperament dogs have stable temperament and dingoes do not. Also another reason is how they communicate dogs mostly bark an dingoes mostly howl and rarely bark. Another one of their differences is there height and weight dingoes mostly weigh between 13 and 20 pounds and their height is a little more than half a meter but with dogs there height and weight depends on their breed. Also dingoes have short fur and not all dogs do. Another one of their differences are some dingoes are nocturnal and dogs are not and dingoes hunt in packs. Another one of the differences are dingoes always have erect ears and not all dog breeds do also with dingoes the father takes care of the cubs but with dogs it's the other way around.

problems caused by dingoes and people

In Australia dingoes cause many problems for farmers. Some of the problems are that dingoes kill sheep and cattle that farmers own. Farmers kill dingoes because of that. some ways farmers kill dingoes are they use poison and baits. so people in Australia are building fences so they can't go places. They also have government protection so people will not hunt them. Also people are breeding them to increase the amount of dingoes and people are give them protection collars so they will be able to track where they go and if people see the collar they will not hunt them. Also one of the reasons people hunt them is for their skin or scalp.

The impact of dingoes

Dingoes impact Australia in many ways some of the ways they impact Australia is they hunt wild boars and reduce the amount of wild goats. Dingoes also have a bad impact like they caused the extinction of the thylacine and the Tasmanian devil in their area and the Tasmanian nativehen. even though they caused many extinctions they are still believed to have a good impact because they reduce the number of feral cats and foxes that cause problems.