January Newletter 2014

Bless and Release...

January with the weather alone has been a difficult month. Then---to throw in your families schedule, school and your business has not been easy. Know that it is okay to HIT the RESET the Start Button! That's what I am planning on doing. Taking the good that came out of it, but not spending a moment on 'what did not happen'! I am giving you permission to do the same!

CER---Celebrate - Encourage - Reward!


A Little to Think About...

Working your FEBRUARY...

How many ZIP-TOP ORGANIZING UTILITY TOTES have you sold? Well, here is a great tacker for you to find out as you party this month! Fill them in and take a snapshot of them and post them on our Team FB Page. I know Director Sandy Bender has already sold 31 of them. How cool is that. Can't wait to see your posts!

I just posted this on our TEAM FB Page under FILES! print it up and start marking them off.

Big image

TOT - do you know what this stands for?

Thirty-One Today - it's our website for consultants! I have placed a link below for you to click on and it will take you right there!

Did you know that it was named this on purpose? It is to remind you to log in DAILY - TODAY as a matter of fact! Why not catch up on the latest news and trainings. There are great video clips to watch and customer specials and so much more!


Get your calendars out...

MEET & GREET - Let's get to know each other...

Monday, Feb. 17th, 8:30-9:30pm

This is an online event.

This will be a FACE BOOK Event! I hope everyone will join in and participate. This is simply to have some fun and get to know each other! I would love for you to post a picture of your family and introduce them and tell us your WHY for building this business---even if it is to simply get a discount. Post pictures of your WHY--It might be to vacation or get your kids horse riding lessons, like myself! Get creative and have some fun!

Consultants sign up for National Conference!

Wednesday, March 5th, 12am

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Columbus, OH

Be sure to book your room at this time as well. You will only be allowed to put ONE ROOM under one name, so find out who will be your roommates ahead of time. Does snoring bother anyone? lol

Last day to sign up for Celebrate & Connect Meeting: SUMMER PREMIER!

Thursday, March 13th, 12am

5440 Wilson Ave SW

Grandville, MI

We will again be at VOYAGE CHURCH/TOWER COFFEE on Wilson Avenue. This will be in a MOVIE STYLE fashion where Home Office shows us what will be in the NEW SUMMER CATALOG! So be sure not to miss this one. Our date will be Friday, April 4th. Remember this is Spring BREAK - so if you are going to be out of town---choose a city where you will be vacationing and attend! How fun will that be.