Parker's Science Experiance

By Parker Allard

Earthquakes PBL

In our Earthquake PBL Project, we had to answer this question, "How can we, as structural engineers construct a 2 story building for Tony Stark that can survive seismic activity?" For the project we were spilt into groups of 5. In those groups we had to construct a house that would survive the shake test. We came up with a square shaped design with suports in the middle, and string conecting the building into the ground. It did amazing!

PBL Interview

30 Hands

The 30 Hands Project was super fun.In the 30 Hands Project we had to research information on Global Warming and Climate Change. After that, we made a bunch of pic collages showing our research. Finaly, we made a video on the 30 Hands app. Again, it was a super fun project.

Link to my 30 Hands Project:

Invention Convention

The invention convention was an enjoyable project. We had to come up with an invention, name it, and build it, and it had to use a renewable reasource. Mrs. Chappas said we could form groups of three, my group was Josh, Ben, and myself. Our invention is a water wheel that uses waste water from multiple homes to spin. Then it uses said water and cleans it so it is drinkable. The cleaned water can also be used to water lawns.
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