We Said Feminist Fairy Tales, Not Fractured Fairy Tales!

The Construction of the Feminist Fairy Tale: Female Agency over Role Reversal

Article by: Leslee Farish Kuykendal and Brian W. Sturm

Interesting Quotes

  • "In this capacity, fairy tales can be powerful cultural agents, telling the child who reads them how they should behave with regard to gender."

  • " Fairy tales define women as beautiful objects, powerless to alter the events in their lives, while fairy tale men are powerful agents of their own destiny."

  • "Similar studies found similar results, with the sentiment being that while children admired strong female protagonists, these were not the characters they wished to emulate."

Let's Talk About It

  • Do you believe fairy tales teach women to stand underneath men?

  • How have fairy tales impacted your childhood?

  • If you were/are a feminist, how would you fix this "battle"?