The trip

By: Alexis Ortega

The early start

At around 3:00 A.m. (Total guess) we woke up and got in the truck. The drive was extremely long. All the way to California. We crossed New Mexico, Arizona, and finally Nevada. Soon, we arrived.

The only reason my grandma decided to come was because it was her grandson's graduation. Look see, this isn't a high school graduation. But it was a Marine graduation. After what felt like a year of waiting ( which it was ) to see him. I could not wait to see him again.

Today was his graduation day. They (The Marines) all came in a single line. All the looks upon everybody's faces were changed. All of them were so serious. It only made the flood of joy upon his face more noticeable.

Later, we went to go see him up close. The drill sergeants yelling at them so loudly that little pieces of spit came flying out. We got to hug him. After almost a year of not seeing him man, he got stampeded. We were overjoyed. Soon, we took him home.

The End

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