Newsletter for TCHS Families, Students, and Stakeholders

August 4, 2023


Our School Mission: Through effective collaboration, we will transform our students into college and career ready citizens empowered to change the world.

Our School Vision: Through effective collaboration, we will achieve comprehensive success for every student.

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Welcome to the 2023-24 school year at Tri-Cities School! I hope that you have had a restful summer break and are excited to kick off the new school year. We cannot wait to see your faces back in the building!

Our faculty and staff remain committed to the goal of making Tri-Cities the best school in Georgia in academics, fine arts, and athletics. Whether you are a member of the Class of 2024 or an incoming 9th grader experiencing high school for the first time, please know that every member of the TCHS faculty and staff is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your time in high school.

The information in this letter should answer most of your questions about starting school on Monday, August 7!

This is the first edition of the TCHS Parents’ Bulldog Nation Newsletter for the 23-24 school year. It contains updated details about security, cell phone policy, dress code, carpool and other timely information. Please be sure to read carefully.

Below you will find additional information pertaining to the new school year. Thank you so much for your support of our TCHS family!


Dr. Ethel Lett


Owner’s Manual for Parents - Principal Ethel Lett

Rationale: Wall Street Journal published an article about a hospital administrator in Massachusetts who wrote an Owner’s Manual so his staff would know how to deal with him.

1. I try to respond to emails throughout the day; however, I like to spend most of my time in and out of classrooms. I check back to my office throughout the day and then I will respond to emails. I will respond within 24 to 48 hours. If you need to speak with me one-on-one, please call Ms. Taylor, or email TaylorLY@fultonschools.org, my personal assistant and make an appointment. If you need to reach me after school hours, please use the number below. If calling outside of school hours, please call no later than 6pm and no earlier than 8am. (Cell: 770-681-3652)

2. If you have a concern/problem, please remember Tri-Cities High School is a business that services children. If you come in irate, yelling, cursing, screaming, etc. you will be escorted off the premises and possibly restricted from the building. I will help where I can, but we will speak to each other like adults.

3. If you are having difficulty with a teacher or staff member, please try to resolve your concern first with the teacher/staff member. We are all professionals and want to do what is best for kids. If you are not satisfied with the conversation with the teacher/staff member, please reach out to the grade level administrator. If you are still not satisfied, I am willing to meet with you. Please schedule a meeting through my personal assistant, Ms. Taylor, TaylorLY@fultonschools.org. I cannot guarantee I will change any decision made by the teacher/staff or grade level administrator, but I will listen.

4. I will always be polite and courteous to you and expect the same behavior in return. I am very comfortable with healthy differences of opinion that are displayed in a professional manner.

5. While walk-ins are sometimes ok, my priority is teaching and learning, and I am in classes supporting instruction. I am happy to meet if one of my trusted team members has been unable to assist; however, appointments are preferred so that I can give you and your need uninterrupted attention. Please schedule a meeting through my personal assistant, Ms. Taylor, TaylorLY@fultonschools.org

6. I am very direct and matter of fact. It is not my intention to offend anyone, but I am honest and will make decisions in the best interests of scholars.

Backpacks and Bookbags

TCHS has a clear backpack and bookbag policy. No other backpacks or bookbags can be brought onto campus. Add information about purses Students may not bring fanny packs, shoulder bags or large purses. This rule is effective on the FIRST day of school. Any bags collected will become the property of the school and will not be returned to the student or parent.

Uber Eats/Door Dash/American Deli, etc.

For purposes of school safety, students are not allowed to leave the cafeteria to obtain food from parents or friends. Per federal guidelines, students are not allowed to bring food of “little or no nutritional value” into the school during times when the cafeteria is in operation. These guidelines also state that food from restaurants, vendors, or other off campus establishments cannot be brought into the building from 8:00 AM until one half hour after the end of the instructional day. Deliveries of food during the school day are not permitted. Use of food delivery services such as DoorDash, UberEats, PostMates, etc., are prohibited and strictly enforced. Any outside food delivered to students will be confiscated. Confiscated items will become the property of the school and will not be returned to the student or parent. Students leaving campus during the instructional day can receive disciplinary consequences.


Bus Information

Parents can go to https://edulogweb.fultonschools.org/livewq/webquery/ enter in their address and it will tell you your bus route and pick up/drop off location and time.


Create a Parent Portal Account

  • The Infinite Campus portals - Campus Parent and Campus Student - provides access to information for all enrolled students in their household. Information includes grades, attendance, assignments, and school announcements.

    Note: Parents must register the first time they are accessing their account. All students have access to Campus Student via ClassLink.

    Enter the Infinite Campus Student Portal via the ClassLink Icon below.

How do I set-up my parent portal account?

  • All portal accounts require a 1-time activation to create your ID and password. You must be a parent/guardian of a current FCS student to activate an account.

    To verify identity, you will be asked to provide the following information about 1 student in your household:

No Visitors During Instructional Time 8:20 am - 3:15 pm

School Safety

School hours are 8:20 a.m.- 3:20 p.m.

Doors open to students: 7:45 am. Breakfast line opens at 7:45 a.m.

Safety : In addition to the School Safety Plan by Fulton County Schools, TCHS has crafted a 5-point Priority Safety Plan for the 2023-2024 school year as follows:

  1. All doors to enter the building will be locked at all times except during student arrival. Students who arrive or leave throughout the school day will be expected to exit through the front door # 1 or bus ramp door leading to the student parking area.
  2. All visitors to campus will be expected to use front door #1 to buzz the front office to identify themselves and the nature of their visit. Students will not be allowed to order from food delivery services (Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc.) during school hours. Food will be confiscated and discarded.
  3. TCHS will have 2 School Police Officers and 4 Campus Security Officers on campus at all times throughout the school day and for sporting events.
  4. The school’s safety team will meet monthly to review the TCHS safety plan to continuously look for areas of improvement.
  5. TCHS will administer all monthly safety drills as expected with two additional soft and hard lock down drills each semester.

Student Schedules

Student schedules were made available July 31, 2023, through the parent and student portals in Infinite Campus. To access student schedules, please log into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal or the Infinite Campus Student App through ClassLink. Parents may also download the Infinite Campus App from the Apple and Google app stores. Once logged in, students and parents should be able to access their student's schedule.

You can find instructions on how to log onto and use Infinite Campus here: https://www.fultonschools.org/infinitecampus.

After reviewing your schedule and noting that a change may be required, the schedule change form is available through the TCHS Schedule Change Request form link below.

Requests for a schedule change will only be approved for the following reasons:

  • The student is in the wrong level of class.
  • · The student has already passed the class.
  • · The student is missing a core class.
  • · The student is missing (EMPTY) class in his/her schedule.

Requests for a schedule change will NOT be approved for the following reasons: The student wants to change an elective preference.

  • · The student wants another teacher.
  • · The student wants a different lunch period.
  • · The student has changed his/her mind about taking the course.
  • · The student wants to change the order of his/her classes.
  • · The student has friends in another class.

If you have a valid reason to request a change to your schedule, please complete the Tri-Cities High School Schedule Change Request form (links are located below). Schedules seen are preliminary schedules. Scheduling is still occurring, and these schedules are subject to change.

The schedule change request form opens at 8am on 8/7/23 and closes at 3pm on 8/11/23. Form can only be completed once. Only changes requested using this process will be accepted.


Students will have one opportunity to request changes to their 23-24 school year (SY) schedule. Please read the instructions on the schedule change form before completing and submitting the schedule change request form.

Once the form is submitted, students will not be able to make changes to their responses or complete the form again. Students can e-mail and/or print a copy of their responses for their records. Again, please be sure to determine all needed changes prior to submitting the change request form. The schedule change request form opens at 8am on 8/7/23 and closes at 3pm on 8/11/23. Please review your schedule and submit change requests prior to the deadline.

Students must follow their schedule, as printed, until it is updated. Even if the schedule is incorrect, it is important to student and school safety that the schedule be followed exactly as printed. Once updated, the student will see the change reflected in Infinite Campus.

Cell Phone Policy

Fulton County Schools' cell phone policy district-wide includes the following expectations:

Cell phones and other electronic devices may not be used, displayed, or turned on during class time unless directed by a teacher specifically for instructional purposes.

The following discipline cycle will be used for any violations of this district policy:

1st Offense: Redirect

2nd Offense: Reteach Expectation

3rd Offense: DIRECT Parent Communication (Verbal and/or Email exchange with parent/guardian) 2 attempts

4th Offense: Submit Office Discipline Referral (ODR)

Dress Code

In addition to guidelines stated below, dress code, and the appropriateness of a student’s attire, is subject to administrator discretion.

Students are expected to dress and groom themselves in such a way as to reflect neatness, cleanliness, and modesty, as well as a sense of pride in themselves and in the school.

Dress will not distract unreasonably the attention of others or cause disruption or interference with the educational program or with the orderly operation of the school.

Extremes in dress will not be permitted. Violation of the dress code will result in the student being sent to the clinic. The student will be given a change of clothes or sent home. More severe consequences will result for repeat offenders.

The required standards of dress are as follows:

  1. Cleanliness in person or dress.
  2. Shoes must be worn at all times. No house slippers, bubble shoes, or slides.
  3. Length of shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. must be mid-thigh. This applies to athletic shorts for all students.
  4. Bare stomach midriffs, tank tops, spaghetti straps, low-cut tops, strapless tops or dresses, and see-through clothing are not permitted. Undergarments must not be visible.
  5. Clothing or ornamentation advertising alcohol or illegal substances, displaying suggestive phrases, designs, markings, profanities, or depicting gangs or similar organizations are prohibited.
  6. Caps, hats, hoods, sweatbands, do-rags, bandannas, crocheted knit caps, hair nets, sunglasses, non-prescription eyewear, or ANY head covering other than religious coverings may not be worn or visible in the building. These items will be confiscated and may be picked up at an administrator’s discretion.
  7. Pants must be worn at the waist regardless of shirt length. Undergarments must not be visible.
  8. Pants may not have shreds, holes, rips, or tears above the knee that show skin.
  9. Chains or accessories with sharp spikes are not permitted. Designated dress involving school activities approved by the principal shall be acceptable (i.e. spirit days).

*The principal or other authorized school official shall determine whether any particular mode of dress or grooming results in a violation of the spirit and/or the intent of this rule.

Code of Conduct

All parents and students must sign for receipt of the 2023-24 Student Code of Conduct using a new digital signature process. The link below contains a step-by-step “how to” guide for completing the digital signature process.

How to...Parent & Student Code Receipt

  • ·All students above 10 years of age and their parents, guardians, or other person having control or charge of the child is asked to digitally sign acknowledging receipt of the Code of Conduct and Student Handbook.
  • Parents and students are able to digitally sign by using their online portal or the app on their smartphone/device.
  • The Code of Conduct can be viewed via our website https://www.fultonschools.org/studentdiscipline

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Carpool / Student Drop Off & Pick Up

All cars must enter carpool from the Jefferson Gym entrance on Harris Street. Carpool will loop the back parking lot and exit on the road that runs closest to Dairy Queen. (Do not enter from Dairy Queen side of the building.) For safety, buses will have exclusive use of Harris St and Bulldog Blvd. Bulldog Blvd is now a ONE WAY street. You cannot enter Bulldog Blvd from Harris Street. During afternoon dismissal, no cars may enter Bulldog Blvd as it will be restricted to buses/service vehicles ONLY.

Students who drive to school and leave campus during the school day for programs such as dual enrollment or work-based learning will be required to park in the Magnet lot (upper parking lot at the top of the school). ALL students who park on campus must show proof of insurance and have a parking permit to park on campus. There is no parking in front of houses or on Harris St. Violators may be towed by the City of East Point.

Parking at Tri-Cities is a privilege. It is the responsibility of the driving student to be aware of all rules regarding parking, as explained in the parking application. All students must have a parking decal to park on campus. Students’ parking permits may be revoked based upon attendance issues (5 unexcused absences per semester), excessive tardies (5 unexcused tardies per semester), and 5 Days of OSS or more during a school year. No unsafe or reckless driving will be tolerated. Students are expected to comply with all State of Georgia traffic and road safety rules; students’ failure to comply will be subject to disciplinary consequences that may include the loss of parking privileges for a time to be determined by the administrator.

Students using their vehicles to leave campus without authorization will be subject to disciplinary consequences that may include suspension and immediate surrender of their parking permit. Unauthorized vehicles without a valid parking permit are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense without notice, as outlined on the Tri-Cities HS Parking Application 2023-2024. Students receiving an orange violations sticker must report to the atrium.

The student parking lot closes at 9:15 am and reopens at 11:07 am for Work-Based Learning Students (must have a badge). Students arriving to school later than 9:15 am and needing access to the lot must first report to the atrium to check in.

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Parking Pass Pick Up

Students must complete a parking application. Be mindful that this year you must bring a valid driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance when picking up your pass. Parking Passes will be distributed beginning August 14, 2023.

We Need Your Student's Phone Number!

Help us improve school communication to keep your student in the know!

Our school is committed to improving student communication, and we have an exciting plan to achieve this goal. Soon we will begin utilizing Fulton County Schools' Blackboard communication system to send real-time text updates about events and activities directly to our TCHS parents.

Students will also receive these updates, which means that everyone will be in the loop. To ensure the success of this initiative, we kindly request parents update their child's cell phone number in Infinite Campus. Our first text message will be sent on August 31st, and we want everyone to be included.

So, please update your and your student’s cell phone information in Infinite Campus as soon as possible. With this new system in place, we are confident that our students will be better informed and more connected than ever before.

Incoming Freshmen! Proof of Residency Required!

Important information for incoming Freshman families only

All rising 9th (new, district transfer students, or coming from a feeder school) and any new enrollees to Fulton County Schools MUST provide TWO documents for residency verification. If you have a returning student rising to grades 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, you will need to submit proof of residency if there has been any address change.

REVISED BOARD POLICY JBC April 21, 2022: Proof of Residency and Additional

Residency Verification - https://www.fultonschools.org/Page/7299

To verify residence, you must include one current water or electric bill AND one residence document from the list below. Both documents must contain parent or guardian’s name and current address.

  • Copy of home mortgage bill
  • Current bank statement
  • Valid Driver's License / State ID / Current Paycheck
  • Copy of home sale contract
  • Current HOA bill
  • Section 8 / HUD Housing document
  • Current apartment/house lease
  • Homeowner's / Renter's Insurance Registration Card

11th Grade Immunization

Important information for rising 11th grade families only

District Health Services 2022-2023 Back to school Immunization Requirements for Rising 11th Grade Students:

Effective July 1, 2021, children 16 years of age and older, who are entering the 11th grade (including new entrants), must have received one booster dose of the meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4), unless their initial dose was administered on or after their 16th birthday. For more information regarding this requirement, please visit the district’s Health Services website: https://www.fultonschools.org/Page/23505

Please check to make sure your student has all required vaccinations even if the certificate is marked complete. If the certificate is marked complete and the child does not have the required vaccines, he/she must return to their primary care provider or public health center to receive the required vaccines and be issued a new/updated certificate. You will be alerted if your student is needs to submit updated immunization requirements.

Student Services & Professional School Counseling Updates:

School counselor's caseload assignments have been slightly adjusted to serve our students and families more effectively. Please note the new caseload changes below to determine your assigned school counselor. Be sure to direct your future communications to the appropriate counselor as indicated below.

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Our Bell Schedule

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How to Stay Connected

The communications team works hard to ensure students and families have all the information they need to be successful at TCHS. There are a few ways to stay highly connected with the school.

  • TCHS website – https://www.fultonschools.org/tricitieshs
  • School emails/Blackboard Messages
  • School Newsletters Sent Bi-Weekly: Bulldog Nation Newsletter for all students
  • Student & Parent/Guardian Text Messages (See above)
  • Social media:

Seniors Corner Class of 2024

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PBIS--Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

We walk through the halls and operate with P.R.I.D.E. here in "The City".

  • P – Purpose

  • R – Resilience

  • I – Integrity

  • D – Discipline

  • E – Empathy

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Dress Code

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Support Tri-Cities HS

For details pertaining to our PTSA, Booster Organizations, TCHS Alumni and the Tri-Cities Foundation: Bulldog Support Squad, visit https://www.fultonschools.org/tricitieshs and select the Parents Tab.

Freshman Corner--Class of 2027

  • Join a Club or Organization

  • Participate in afterschool tutorial when a grade falls below a 75

  • Support our athletic programs by attending home games

  • Be a willing participant in the 9th Grade Cultural Experience

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CTAE (Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education) News

​​​​​​Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) is preparing Georgia's students for their next step after high school--college, beginning a career, registered apprenticeships, or the military. The courses listed below are our current course offerings
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