Hawaii Health Matters

By Hawaii Health Data Warehouse

New Features Added

Community Dashboard: Contains health and quality of life indicators for the state and counties. In addition to most recent values, indicators can be compared to other time periods, locations, or targets.

Disparities Dashboard: Displays many of the health measures by age, gender, and race/ethnicity! The data are broken down by important demographic characteristics to show a clearer picture of the way the health measure affects the community. Many of the indicators are also available at the county level, giving local stakeholders the ability to examine these breakout results for their location.

Demographics: Offers population characteristics, including business and geography quick facts, for the state and counties. Updated frequently from the US Census Bureau.

HP2020 Tracker: Allows users to monitor the progress of Hawaii toward Healthy People 2020 targets. The current and target values are given to show how the state compares to the target.

PAN Plan Tracker: Presents a visual snapshot of how the state is performing towards achieving the Physical Activity and Nutrition Plan (PAN Plan) targets. The plan is aimed at increasing physical activity, promoting healthy eating, and reducing overweight, obesity, and chronic disease among all Hawaii residents.The tracker displays the most relevant and current data with narrative and background data.

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Funding Opportunities: Lists current funding opportunities geared towards improving the health and well-being of your community. Funding opportunities are organized topically and include both government and foundation grants. Funding opportunities are added to the list on a regular basis and automatically removed when they expire.
Related Data Links: Offers a collection of links to interactive websites grouped by subject matter. Visit Related Data Links to find additional sources of relevant health data.
Contribute Content: Gives visitors the opportunity to highlight community health issues by submitting information to help connect people to specific issues and to demonstrate their importance to the well-being of the community. Visitors can submit promising practices, reports, or articles.

Training Options

The Hawaii Health Data Warehouse offers online or on-site training on how to navigate and find your data from our two websites:



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