Turning Point Final Exam

Kendall Howard

9/11 September 11, 2001

The Cold War ending has its role dealing with 9/11 and for the cause of it. The Soviet Union had collapsed and so people had came to us for help. So when they collapsed, Iraq had came to us. People disagreed with that and that caused them to think of that is an act of terror. After the Gulf War, we sent over 5,000 troops to Saudi Arabia. After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait the UN had made sanctions in Iraq. The Middle East wanted revenge on the US because of their presence in the countries.

Osama Bin Laden

He is from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He was the founder and the leader of the Al-Qaeda. His role was the leader of the group who did the attacks on the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and Flight 93.

George W. Bush

He was the President of the US at the time of the attacks. He was in a classroom when he had gotten the news that an attack has been made on the Twin Towers. He advised that all planes that are still in flight be shot down. He also was on Air Force 1 when he heard that there was a possible attack on the White House and so they had turned the plane around to go elsewhere.


1968 was an important time for US history because different things were happening. The Vietnam War was going on, the presidential elections, riots, and many more things. The Civil Rights Movement was one of the major things happening during that year. The elections were happening, hippies and new cultures were forming. Many things that happened in 1968 are what are culture is now.

Martin Luther King Jr.

He was an important figure because he was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement. He was the leader also of the SCLC or the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He promoted peaceful protesting like sit-ins, nonviolent marches, and protests. He inspired teens to join in and join the nonviolent movement. He gave his famous ¨I Have A Dream¨ speech on the March on Washington.

Richard Nixon

He served 8 years as Vice President. He ran for President as a Republican against Hubert Humphrey. He won and became President. He changed America because he ended the war and he ended the draft.

Roanoke - 1586 and Jamestown May 14, 1607

Roanoke, also known as ¨The Lost Colony¨was found in 1586. Roanoke was started by Sir Walter Raleigh. The first child born on Roanoke was Virginia Dare. There was land that was promised to the settlers if they came to Roanoke. It was intended to become the first English settlement, but it didn't. When John White returned, he saw no one on the island except for ¨Croatoan¨ on a tree. That was hoe they became ¨The Lost Colony¨. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement. The purpose for the settlement was to find gold and silver. There was such a high death among the Jamestown settlers because of bad water, mosquitoes carrying malaria, Indian attacks, disease, and lack of supplies.

Sir Walter Raleigh

He was important because he was the one to start Roanoke. He was an English adventurer. He had 7 years to establish a settlement. He was sent by Queen Elizabeth.

John Smith

He helped the survival of Jamestown by telling the settlers that ¨if you don't work, you don't eat¨. He got the settlers doing work by telling them this. He told them this because they were being lazy and they weren't doing any work and the colony was going to die so he told them this and they started to work.

Roanoke and Jamestown The Most Important

Monday, May 14th 1607 at 9pm

Jamestown, VA, United States

Jamestown, VA

Jamestown was the most important because it was the first permanent English settlement. It also had the first form of government, the House of Burgesses. Jamestown about became the next lost colony, but if it wasn't for John Smith and John Rolfe it would have became the next lost colony.