Scientific Summer

By: Grace Marquardt

Summer Fun

This summer, my family and I went of a vacation to the Black Hills. The Black Hills are a national park in Western South Dakata. I went there with my family, my parents, and my brother and sister. The trip took place over my 14the birthday, from August 6th to August 14th. It was a really fun trip, we've actually been planning it for a while, but my brother was too young. Now, he's old enough. The bad part of it was, though, we traveled in a cramped car for 2 days before getting there. But the trip was really fun. We went to Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse, and the badlands.

Look at Me!

The Science of it

The black hills are probably more historical than scientific, but if you look closely, at them, you'll see that there made up of a lot of different kind of rock, plus, the way that they could've formed, is insane. Some of the oldest rocks there, are over a billion years old, literally. Also, the altitude of the hills were so high, whenever we drove down a hill, my ears popped, like they do on an airplane. It's because, the altitude is so high, whenever you go down, the air pressure increases, making your ears hurt.

I Wonder...

1) How did the rocks in the black hills form?

2) How is the water in the lakes there so clear?

3) How high is the highest peak?

4) What kind of rock are the hills there made of?