AP Physics B Grade Update

Fall 2013 - Mr. Tran

Dear Students and Parents,

As we begin to approach the end of the Fall semester, I wanted to let you know that grades for AP Physics B have once again been updated. As of 11:59 AM, December 1st, all assignments have been graded.

Zeros were entered for work that was due on the schedule, but was not

submitted. Unfortunately I had to enter MANY zeros today so PLEASE check your grades to be sure you have all work in that should have been submitted.

In order to see what work you still need to submit, please look at the

course schedule and compare it to your grades. If you have zeros for work,

check to see if it was due during the November 18th - November 29th grading period. You may submit late work for up to 5 days after the due date, for reduced credit. No late work is accepted after 5 days late.

For students who are currently at risk for falling the course, please expect a phone call and email from me within the next 3 days.

Let's Finish Strong!

Mr. Tran

GAVS Science Department