By: Alexia, Jacob, Molly and Gannon

Introduction Paragraph

Rome is the best civilization for many reasons. There were great leaders and government officials that decided the laws. For example, the twins, Romulus and Remus were sons of the war god Mars. When they were older they both really wanted to be the ruler of the new city that they founded. So they fought to be king. Romulus killed his brother, Remus, just to become the ruler. That is how Rome was named. (Romulus.) Romulus acquired many followers. This was good because people obeyed him and accepted him as being ruler of their community. Also, the Forum was really important because it was the main business center of Rome, and was a place where people met to find out current news. The Forum was also in the center of the Seven Hills. Romans believed in many Gods and Goddesses. Their most important God was Jupiter, the God of the sky. There were many festivals, and there was a temple for every God all over Rome. Along with the many beautiful temples, there were statues of Gods, Goddesses, and great leaders. Music was a big part of Rome. Rome had an amazing army. They wrote many tales of victories. Every roman city had a forum, but the original forum was located in Rome. Rome had great religion, rulers, stories, architecture, and music.

Big Idea Question #3 How does our modern world reflect the innovations of classical civilizations?

Our Modern world is quite amazing with a lot of advanced technology. However, this would be a lot different without the innovations of classical civilizations. 2 innovations had a major effect in our lives and how they are today. One of them was architectural method of using arches. This method was the creation of many famous buildings that we would never think about today in classical civilizations. Some examples are the Lincoln Memorial, the Colosseum, and the Parthenon. The other one was roads. The romans were the people who made roads and that made a huge effect for us when we invented cars, we improved on the way they built roads but we never would've had roads without classical civilizations.

Big Idea Question #4 What innovations have the largest impact on the classical societies and what were the impacts?

Rome had 2 innovations that dramatically changed their lives which were aqueducts and using a highly efficient architectural method of using arches. First, aqueducts. These changed and made the Romans lives easier because they could bathe and look at fountains with nice fresh water and not have to worry about it being contaminated because it was the Roman law that you were not allowed to contaminate the water. Next, the architectural method of using arches. This impacted their lives because they got to build one of their best structures, the colosseum. The colosseum was so well built it still stands today. The Romans used it sometimes to flood the colosseum and have mock naval battles in the center of the colosseum with real boats and people. It was also their main entertainment where they had gladiator battles.

Rome art,literature, writing and music padlet: Molly Gill

Roman Festivals and Ceremonies: Gannon Ogle

Roman Festivals or Ceremonies

Government officials and Great Leaders: Alexia Cousoulas

Government officials and Great Leaders
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Roman Architecture: jacob Piskadlo

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Conclusion Paragraph

Rome is the best civilization. They had religion incorporated into their daily life, amazing architecture, and a lot of art. Romans have a pretty famous religion that was based off of Greek religion. They paid their attributes to their gods and goddesses everyday. The Romans also had beautiful temples for worship. Some of the Roman’s architecture still stands today. For example, the extremely famous Roman Colosseum. Finally, they had beautiful art. Not only did they have paintings, but they also had statues, figurines, and pottery. These are only a few reasons why Rome was the best civilization.