Help Save Brushy Creek Trail!

You're about to witness Brushy Creek Trail being destroyed!

What is going on?

The LCRA TSC is planning on building transmission towers on Brushy Creek Trail. The towers are pretty big so if we don't work fast, we might not have a trail!

About the Towers

The towers are really big. The space that they have to clear up to put the towers is 60-100 ft. wide. The height of the towers are 80-140 feet. That means they have to get rid of all of the vegetation on or in the ground to build these towers. It's going to take 10 towers to cover the Brushy Creek Trail. The ratio is 10 towers: 2.5 miles. The space between each tower it will be sad to get rid of all the plants and wildlife just so they can build their tower. We need to stop them!

Measure the Trails!

The trail is pretty big but if you use a small tool of measurement, it seems even bigger. In pencils, the trail is 15,840 pencils. Also, there are many different trails and they are planning to combine them. In real life, it would be 15 miles. In glue sticks that would be 158,400 glue sticks! Yowza!! An average man is 6 feet tall and if we measure the height of the towers in men, that would be about 24 men. Wow! If you want to be all mathematical- fine! I'll give equations. The equation for the glue sticks for 950,400 inches/6 inches for the glue sticks= x glue sticks. The equation for the pencils is 158,400 inches/10 inches= x pencils. Finally, for the men, the equation is 140 feet/6 feet= x men.

Vegetation Loss

The towers are not only going to hurt the trail- but the plants too!! We will lose a lot of vegetation on the trail. Think about the wildlife on the trail, how they are suffering. It is really sad but when you hear how much sq. ft. is going to be lost, your heart is going to stop. We are going to lose 1,320,000 sq.ft. O-M-G!!! The equation for that is 13,200 feet times 100 ft= x feet. x= how much vegetation loss.
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