Reasons kids should play Football.

Presentation by Samantha Rodriguez from Mrs.Powers 2 period

Why is Football a good sport for kids and teenagers?

  • "Fans point out that injuries can happen in any sport, from soccer to skateboarding. If we get rid of the Football, where would we draw the line?"
  • "Young athletes learn discipline, focus, teamwork--skills that will help them be successful later in life."

Football is incredibly popular here in America!

  • "Football is America's most popular sport. Some 2.5million kids play the game--often in leagues that are as early as the first grade."
  • "...across the nation, star players of all ages are worshipped as heroes."

The conclusion:

I myself do believe Football should be allowed to be played by kids and/or teenagers. Not everyone is talented in skateboarding,basketball,baseball,hockey,etc.. If you are talented in Football then play it, the only person that can stop you is your mom/guardian parent. What else can a child do when their WI-FI is down...?