Hillside Family Newsletter

October 2022

Hillside has a new website

Have you seen our new website with up to date information, events and our up to date breakfast and lunch menu? Please go check it out at eaglepnt.k12.or.us/hes.


October 6th- PTO Meeting 5:00-6:00 PM in the school library

October 12th- Wear Orange for Bully Prevention Week

October 14th- Statewide In-Service- No School

October 18th- Lifetouch School Pictures

October 19th- College Apparel Day

October 21st- Hillside Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser

October 24-28th Spirit/Red Ribbon Week

October 25th- Title I Math Night and Pizza Dinner 5:00-6:30 PM

October 31st- Halloween

HES PTO Meeting

Join our PTO Thursday, October 6th from 5:00-6:00 PM in the Hillside Library. We look forward to seeing you there. Would you like to subscribe to receive PTO communications? Please follow this link. We would love for you to volunteer in the classroom or around the school. To do so, you need prior approval from the school district. Please apply here.


On Friday, October 21st, we will have our annual walk-a-thon fundraiser. This is our BIG, once-a-year school-wide fundraiser. With the money raised, classes will be able to go on field trips, purchase class rewards, and do special projects. Our goal is to earn $10,000 as a school. The class that raises the most money will receive a pizza party from Mrs. Durham!

Fundraising: Our Fundraising will begin on Monday, October 3rd, and will run through the day of the Walkathon. As a school, we insist that NO STUDENT go door-to-door fundraising to people unknown to the student. Students may solicit donations from relatives, friends, co-workers of parents and neighbors (if done under supervision). If you have anyone wanting to pay with a credit or debit card, please call Abby at 541-830-6146 and she can add it to your parentVue account.

Walk-a-Thon Event: Friday, October 21st

2:00 PM-2:30 PM Round 1 - Kinder-2nd grades

2:30 PM- 3:00 PM Round 2 - 3rd - 5th grades

Red Ribbon Week October 24th-28th

We’re excited to announce the 2022 Red Ribbon Campaign Theme, Celebrate Life. Live Drug Free.™ HES will observe Red Ribbon week with dress-up days and activities that encourage our students to celebrate life and school spirit!

Monday: Pajama Day (Put Drugs to Bed Day)

Tuesday: Neon Day (Too Bright for Drugs)

Wednesday: Wear Red Day (Pledge to be Drug Free)

Thursday: Hawaiian shirt Day

Friday: Husky Pride Day

Math Night and Dinner October 25th 5:00-6:30 PM

Did you know that careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are growing more than twice as fast as the rest of the job market? Here at Hillside Elementary, we know how valuable math is to your child’s future. But do you know how fun it can be?!

Come find out at our Math Night event, on October 25th at HES from 5:00-6:30 pm. This Math Night will be a fun, family-friendly event that sparks passion for STEM through activities and games for BOTH students and their families. A pizza dinner will also be provided!

You and your child will explore … inspire … empower … and educate yourselves about how much fun math can be. You will also learn simple things you can do at home to foster your student’s interest in Math. Most importantly, you will get the chance to connect with other families while you and your children learn and play together.

In addition to teachers engaging our students in fun math games, we want our students to know the relevance of math in the workforce. We believe that a great way for students to learn this is directly from individuals who use math in their work daily.

For our Math Night, we are seeking individuals who would be willing to informally share about their work and engage students in a learning activity or demonstration associated with their profession–similar to a career fair. For example, a local contractor might discuss the importance of accurate measurement in building and students could practice measuring.

Do you regularly use math in your profession?

Would you be interested in sharing how you use math at our Math Night?

If you are interested in participating and/or would like to learn more please respond to this Google Survey by October 10th.

Research shows that family engagement leads to greater student success. Students with engaged parents are more likely to earn higher grades, attend school regularly, have better social skills and go on to college. We are very excited to see family engagement come alive at Math Night, and we hope to see you there!


Jen Durham

Halloween October 31st

Students may wear costumes to school on Halloween.

  • Costumes may not have parts that interfere with learning. This means no masks or costumes that restrict movement or vision, prevent sitting at desks, or prevent participation in physical education class. Costumes must not obstruct movement in the hallways.
  • School rules regarding dress code must be followed: No short skirts/shorts/tutus no bare midriffs, no bare shoulders, or low necklines. Nothing that promotes the use of illegal substances or activities or are derogatory, disrespectful or depict violence.
  • ALL costume preparations to be completed at home. (No dressing or applying of make-up or colored hairspray once students arrive at school).
  • No masks or weapons (nun chucks/sickles/swords/knives/guns, etc).
  • Students or parents who have questions about the acceptability of their costume should check with their teacher prior to wearing the costume to school.
  • Students wearing inappropriate costumes will need to call home to have a change of clothes brought up to them.
  • PARENTS: Please help support and appropriate, distraction-free learning environment for all students by assuring that your student adhere to these guidelines.

Is your student interested in School spirit club?

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PurposeFull People character traits for our students of the month


During the month of October, our Hillside staff will be celebrating scholars who demonstrate responsibility. Our Hillside scholars will be learning and practicing responsibility. We encourage our families to practice this trait at home too!

Responsibility: taking action and understanding the impact of our choices

Think About It

Here are some questions to ask your child at home or talk about as a family:

K-2 What are the responsibilities you have at home? How do people know what they are responsible for? Which responsibilities are you really good at?

3-5 Why is it important to show Responsibility at home? Where are some other places that we can show responsibility, and how does responsibility look the same or different as it does at home?

School Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Start 8:30 am

End 3:15 pm

Early Release Wednesday

Start 8:30 am

End 1:55pm

*Doors open at 8:05am for breakfast in the cafeteria. There is no supervision before 8:05am. First bell rings at 8:30 am. Late bell rings at 8:35 am.

Student Absence

If your student will be absent for the day, please call our office at 541-830-1225 or email islasg@eaglepnt.k12.or.us. Thank you for helping to keep our school healthy by keeping students home when they are sick.

Ipad Insurance

Pad insurance is $25 per student. It may be paid through ParentVue or by sending check or cash to school with your scholar. We highly recommend this insurance. You never know when an accident is going to happen. If you have not paid the insurance then you will be responsible for the cost to fix or replace the iPad.

Hillside Elementary School Mission Statement

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Ipad Insurance information

Does your student have Ipad insurance? Just $25 per year covers many oopsies that could be very expensive. This can be paid in the office by cash/check or ParentVue by Credit/Debit.