Missy's Monday Minutes

Get your blitz on tonight!

Love is in the air...

Can I tell you how lucky we are to be part of such an amazing company? Then again - I often don't believe in "luck" because I know we all CHOOSE to be part of Stella & Dot - so CHEERS to YOU for making such an amazing choice!!!!

Had such an amazing time in Atlantis - it was gorgeous, warm, fun, relaxing....but the best part about it was being in the presence of a group of gals who are incredible stylists, savvy business women, fabulous at booking, blow me away with their sponsoring, have remarkable sales....and realizing they are truly JUST LIKE ME AND YOU. They struggle with balancing work and family. They get nervous when they do their Group Hello. They get bummed when a trunk show cancels. But what makes them so successful is they are consistent, put on a confident face (even when they are not), know that effort + enthusiasm = results, and know that when something doesn't go their way they need to look at the positive side of it, don't waste a minute dwelling on it, and know that something even better is just around the corner. They know that sometimes you won't know until two months later that that bomb of a trunk show was your best one yet....b/c it lead you to a new rockstar stylist or your most amazing and fun hostess yet. They just keep going - keep selling, keep styling, keep booking, keep calling, keep chatting about the job they love. "They" are not special - WE ALL ARE SPECIAL bc we have the power to make this business what we want - whether it is to get us showered and out of the house for some "girl time", to earn $200 in "fun money" each month, to pay for family vacations, or to pay for college for our kids someday.... WE define our success by what makes US as INDIVIDUALS happy. Let me know what makes you happy - and I will cheer you on and celebrate your goals!!!!

I LOVE our company...I LOVE my business....I LOVE being connected with each and every one of INCREDIBLE you. I LOVE the friends I have made....we are in a business of our own, but we are not alone and my life is more full and happy b/c you are part of it. Cheers - and Happy Valentine's Day to each of YOU!!!



Can you believe this is going to be MY FIRST HOOPLA??? Yes - it's true! And it's also true that I have never been to VEGAS! I cannot WAIT for this amazing experience and want you there, too!!!! Not only are these events a BLAST...they are "game changing" with your business. It's no coincidence many girls start sponsoring, grow their teams by leaps and bounds, promote or increase their monthly sales after being inspired and trained at any of the many corporate events. This one is not to be missed! Email me when you register - I will be treating everyone who goes to some special goodies......