Our year at Bell Prairie

Rewind and fastfoward

Within the past few weeks, we've been finishing map testings, getting ready for the end of the end of the year, and we've been getting ready for upcoming events!

Over the year a bunch has and will happen! So far we have done our 2nd annuel Great Kindness Challenge, we've donated warm clothes to people in need,we've done a can food drive, and we have filled our survise learning hall of famAlthough the year is almost over, we still have a few events left! We still have the Hoe Down, Feild Day, the green day parade/week, the donation of used shoes, and the beganing of the year!

Teachers and Traditions

Every year we lose people. Most of the time it's 5th graders, but this time we are losing 3 amazing teachers! Those amazing teachers are: Mrs.Frazier, Ms.Hayworth, and Mrs.Dever! Mrs. Frazier is a 3rd grade teacher, Ms.Hayworth teaches the intermediate Atisum teacher, and Mrs.Dever is a counciler for prek-5th graders! Besinds events, this year we,ve continued traditions! We've called birthdays , welcomed subs, and more! We have also started traditions too! We've started bright spots and perfect atendence pencils! Over the year we've acomplished a lot! We've accomplished new traditions, events, and a year of school! As you can see we've had a mustang kind or year