Triple Threat Desserts

BY: Stephanie, Tracy, and Chandni

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Who we are?

We are three girls who love to bake, so we created a shop where could pursue this. All of us really want to make people happy with our desserts. We will be using chocolate in some of our desserts to give it that flare and we hope to see you guys at our shop.

What We Sell

We sell everything from desserts to pastries and some include a hint of chocolate. Every week we have delicious flavors and mystery desserts.

Business Plan

The way we came up with our name is that since that there are three of us it makes it triple and threat came from the fact that we are the best in town and dessert is from baking. The way this is set up is we will sell variety of desserts and every week we will have a mystery dessert and customers will have a chance to figure out whats in it. If customers are able to figure out whats in it then they get 3 of that item since its triple threat dessert.

How we are beneficial

We will be using chocolate and will not be ignorant to child labor so we have decided that our farmers will be paid a reasonable amount of money and will work an approximate 8 hours with a $5 per hour pay. Also human trafficking will not be used what so ever. Also our treats will be a healthier alternative to the fatty yet Delicious desserts that other big companies make.


Since we are strong in believing that child labor is wrong so we will give 10% of our income to support companies that are against child labor. In this way we have done our portion of service and are going against something that is wrong.


Our Starting Price-

We will need is an approximately 200,000. We will be giving our investor at least 15% equity for each. This 200,000 will include the materials, equipment, and payment for our workers.