EHS Distance Learning Bulletin

November 11, 2020


Thursday, November 12 is the first day of all Eagan HS classes being taught in Distance Learning.

ALL Eagan HS students will be expected to be in their classes via the Zoom link.


Look for the Zoom link at the top of each class page- see the classes in Schoology for this trimester.

Class sessions are 45 minutes with the teacher available the entire time. There is a 15 min. break between class periods with a 30 minute break for lunch after the 3rd class each day.

Notice that each of the classes meets two days per week in this plan. Students should be ready to join the class from a location where they can listen and view.

Here is the schedule:

Big picture


● Teachers are expected to be available during their entire Zoom period. and may use the 45 minutes with students in a variety of ways. Students may be in lecture, demonstration, assessments, break-out discussions and doing class work as assigned by teachers.

The class should be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous (direct instruction/support)

● Zoom times are like a class period for in-person learning. Teachers are available and conduct the period at their professional discretion. Students should be encouraged to ask questions both within class time and during the other teacher times outside of classes.(See the purple areas in the schedule above).

  • Each class will have all of the Cohort A, B and C students together, two class meetings per week.

Distance Learning Q & A and Schedule

Q: What are the student learning and working days in Distance Learning?

A: All five days of the week are student learning and work days. Assignments will cover the entire week, including Wednesdays. Please know that students have assignments and should be working every week day starting Thursday, November 12.

Q: With students in Zoom class meetings, when will they do the assigned work?

A: Although the 45 min. class sessions are taking place, the entire 3.5 hours per day, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, will allow for time every day, including all day on Wednesday, for students to accomplish the assigned work. We have kept the four class meeting times each day for instruction, interaction and class work at 45 minutes to make sure students still have a good amount of time to do assigned work each week.

Q: Are students required to come to the class meetings on Zoom?

A: Just like a typical school day, yes, students are expected to be present in these classes. We know that there may be reasons why this may not happen but students will be required to make -up the learning and the assigned work. It is very important that students connect with their teachers at every opportunity, including reaching out to them about a missed class time.

Q: Will the offices be open at Eagan HS?

A: We will keep our entry doors open and staff will be present and working in the offices at the school. Please call for assistance during the week days 651-683-6900.

Q: What if a student needs supplies, books, materials for their classes?

A: Contact our offices - we are ready to help with all needs. 651-683-6902 or 651-683-6905 or contact the counselor.

Trimester 2 & 3 Schedule Review

Trimester 2 and 3 Schedule review week will be November 9-13. This is the only opportunity for students to review their classes and make any changes for Trimester 2 and 3. More information and all of the forms are available in Schoology on Monday, November 9.

Free Seven-Day Meal Kits

Beginning Nov. 9, all students are eligible for free seven-day meal kits to support their distance learning. To best meet the needs of our families, meal kits will be available for pick up near the middle/ high schools’ south entrance doors at these times:

· Monday 4:00pm- 5:30pm

· Tuesday 7:30am- 9:00am

· Wednesday 10:00am- 11:00am (Digital Academy Meals will continue)

· Thursday 7:30am- 9:00am

· Friday 7:30am- 9:00am

Look for the banner and sign for the distribution location. Families with children in multiple schools are encouraged to pick-up all seven-day meal kits at one school.

Initially, families will be asked to complete this Seven-Day Meal Kit Interest Survey. This will allow the Food and Nutrition Services department to prepare the number of meal kits needed. The survey only needs to be completed once.

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture has authorized funding for schools to provide meals at no charge to children, 18 and younger, for the entire school year. All secondary families are encouraged to participate in this opportunity. Any child 18 and younger, or parent/guardian of a child is able pick up these seven-day meal kits. For contactless distribution, the seven-day meal kit boxes will be placed on a 6-foot table with a bag of milk on the side. Families will be able to take as many boxes as needed for their children. Food and Nutrition Staff will monitor and replenish the table as needed.

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