Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter



4/22 Cycle Day 8

4/23 Cycle Day 9

Prof. Dev. (Gifford Cluster) 7:30

Fire Drill #5 2:10

K Round Up Night 5:00-6:30

4/24 Cycle Day 10

Two Hour Early Release

Field Trip for 2nd Grade to Goldenrod Lane Cul-de-sac, 9:00-11:30

4/25 Cycle Day 1

4th Grade Alcohol and Tobacco Presentation 1:30-2:30

4/26 Cycle Day 2

I-Team Meeting

Field Trip for 3rd Grade to Mpls. Institute of Art 9:00-2:15

4th Grade Music Program 2:00



Staff Meeting/Gifford 7:30

Field Trip for 5th Grade to Japanese Drumming Performance at the HS 10:10-11:40


Literacy and Beyond Night 5:00-7:00


I-Team Meeting, 7:30

Volunteer Appreciation 7:30-8


Staff Appreciation Week


PBIS Meeting (Learning Commons) 7:35


BLT, 7:30


3rd Grade Engineering Assembly (Gifford Cluster) 9:20-10:20a

5th Grade Engineering Assembly (Gifford Cluster) 10:30-11:20a

4th Grade Engineering Assembly (Gifford Cluster) 1:30-2:20p


Como Zoomobile to meet with First Grade 9-1


I-Team Meeting, 7:30

All School Bingo 2-2:45


First Grade Track and Field

5th Grade Band Concert 6:30

PTO Meeting (Board Only) 6:30


Staff Meeting (Gifford Cluster) 7:30

5th Grader to Tour West MS 9:30-10:30 - East kids will be on Thursday time TBD)

Second Grade Track and Field


Third Grade Track and Field

Patrol Kids to the Twins Game/10:15 leave and return after school is out

1st Grade Engineering Assembly (Pike Cluster) 9:30-10:10

2nd Grade Engineering Assembly (Pike Cluster) 10:30-11:10

Kindergarten Engineering Assembly (Pike Cluster) 12:15-12:55


Fourth Grade Track and Field

East MS 5th Graders to tour East MS/Time TBD

Retiree and Staff Recognition at Canterbury Park


I-Team Meeting, 7:30

Fifth Grade Track and Field


BLT, 7:30


Field Trip for 4th Grade to Faribault Energy Park 8:50-1:50


Field Trip for Kindergarten to MN Landscape Arboretum 8:55-12:45


I-Team Meeting, 7:30


NO SCHOOL/Memorial Day


Prof. Dev. (Gifford Cluster) 7:30


Field Trip for 3rd Grade to the Science Museum, 8:45-2:35


I-Team Meeting 7:30

Field Trip for First Grade to the MN Zoo 8:30-2:30

Field Trip for 2nd Grade the the MN Landscape Arboretum, 9:30-2:15

Last Day of School for Seniors


Jackson Pride Assembly and Yearbook Signing 1:45


Award Ceremony (K-2 8:45-9:30 and 3-5 9:45-10:30)

School Picnic

Talent Show 1:30

Seniors to walk through Jackson after rehearsal (11:30 ish)


Last Day of School for Students


Teacher Work Day




Report Cards Mailed Home

A Little Tidbit from Pete

Congratulations to our egg hunt champions (see their smiling faces below!!). We had a great time and it is awesome to see some healthy competition, although we did have some minor staff injuries(Safety first!!). Thank you to Steph Masloski and Charlotte Leonard for helping us keep this event going by preparing and hiding the eggs. Our champions are enjoying an extra jeans day next week.

Rumor has it there are still eggs hiding in the clusters and hallways... happy hunting!!

Big picture


*Thank you, Pete and Stephanie St Peter for picking up the pieces while I was out with a sick child on Monday.

*Thank you, thank you, Charlotte Leonard for helping out with Good to Go Kids packing and lending your pals in your class to help with bag drop off- I so appreciate you and your class!! ☺

*Thank you, Wendy for ordering all my supplies at the last minute!

*Thank you, Koci and Rothstein for picking up the slack in the lunch room while I am MCA testing!

*Thank you, Kevin Bjerken for always having a sense of humor!

*Thank you, Stephanie Masloski for organizing the egg hunt for staff! You are an invaluable member to our PBIS team! ☺

*Thank you, Noel for working so diligently to reschedule all the IEP meetings from all our SNOW days! I know it has been a ton of extra work on your end!

*Thank you, Evelin for ALL your wonderful communication back and forth from communicating with students, families and our staff at Jackson. We are so lucky to have such a caring, passionate and hard worker!

*Hengel thanks for being our BLT rep!

*Boumeester thanks for comical relief.

*Scheu thanks for always sharing your seesaw finds.

*Anglin thanks for organizing the state project with Dan.

*Dan thanks for all your hard work with the state projects for 4th grade.

*Thank you Mrs Flatness for the aromatherapy you provide with your beautiful lotion outside your classroom.

**Thank you, Erica, for representing PTO. It is very much appreciated.

*Thank you, Dan, for being willing to have first grade loveys done with watercolors.

*Thank you, Char, for setting up pictures for our upcoming projects.

*Thank you, Kira, for working with me to discuss the goals for one of our students.

*Thank you Char and Charlotte for organizing our first grade Volunteer Breakfast poster!

*Thank you Jenny for being such a great communicator! I appreciate you so much.

*Thank you Jane for making our budget document so easy to use!

*Thank you Samantha and Drew for all your hard work this spring in first grade!

*Thank you Becca and Jen for covering my classroom at the end of the day so I could get to some appointments.

*Thank you Steph Blad for helping tie the Reading Process to our Animal Adaptations Unit in First Grade.

*Thank you Charlotte Leonard and students, for helping first grade out with the big bubble letters! We appreciate it!

*Sarah-you are a life saver. Thank you for letting me use your hooded jacket when it was raining. You saved my hair from being a sticky mess.

Sydney-thank you for all your work completing the EL progress monitoring assessments. You are amazing!

*Kevin, eek! I didn’t mean for you to ‘Stop the World’ to look up the bulb…I really was asking what were the odds…THANK YOU, for taking the time to ‘Stop the World’ to help (me)!!

*Thank you to Natalie for helping us with Book Creator.

* Thank you, Amy Scott, for gifts that reflect sentiment and humor to help keep perspective on the service we do each day! I almost peed my pants laughing as I think of the big-picture teamwork that has “and will” get us through the year!

* Bristol Evasco, your calm presence has been a keystone in setting the tone for the kiddos we work with each day! I have learned so much from your interactions in some challenging situations! Thanks for helping me grow to better support some of our friends that need a hand to achieve the best they can be!

*Brooke, your positivity as a Para Mentor is amazing! You lead by example, and your priority of “Friends First” shines in everything you do each day!

*Sari Flatness, your flexibility and kindness shows in not only your time teaching, but also in the interactions with the students for follow up! You take your prep and personal time out of your day to work with those friends who need that extra boost! Your commitment for our Jackson friends does not go unnoticed!


Monday, June 17th, 8am to Thursday, June 20th, 4pm

18610 Ipava Avenue

Lakeville, MN

Are you looking for some great Professional Learning classes for the summer?

SORLA (South of the River Learning Academy) is a 4 day summer workshop developed and supported by a consortium of school districts and hosted at Lakeville’s Century Middle School in June. Shakopee is one of the districts that works to bring you SORLA every summer. Sessions are 3 hours long (3 CEUs) and cost $55 each. If you attend a full day (morning and afternoon session) you will also get a free Panera lunch!

SORLA 2019 is June 17-20. Registration is from March 18th thru June 7th.

There are SORLA sessions available to meet all MN relicensure requirements.

Check out the links below or visit the SORLA website and to start the registration process. We have also placed neon yellow brochures in each building’s staff lounge/work room. Teacher and administrator CEUs are available. Please help spread the word!

SORLA 2019 Week at a Glance

Session Descriptions

Licensure (CEU) Information


  • 4/25 Megan Henke
  • 4/25 Kristen Hengel
  • 4/25 Kira Johanson
  • 4/27 Heather Balk
  • 4/27 Bill Folz
  • 5/2 Megan Henke
  • 5/8 Jen Rothstein
  • 5/10 Jessica Hentges
  • 5/12 Jodi Koci
  • 5/19 Ben Foss
  • 5/25 Alex Fischer
  • 5/29 Rhonda Yeiter
  • 5/31 Kelly Voigt
  • 6/4 Carrie Beckler
  • 6/6 Jaron Aune
  • 6/13 Chris Walberg
  • 6/16 Jenny Larsen
  • 6/19 Julia Perez
  • 6/22 Kirk Rosholt
  • 6/26 Martie Anglin
  • 6/30 Jen Bieniek
  • 7/12 Ann Van Brocklin
  • 7/14 Julie Lund
  • 7/19 DeAnn Gendlin
  • 7/23 Anne Braun
  • 7/23 Bristol Evasco
  • 7/29 Wendy Bauer
  • 7/30 Evelin Hernandez Morales
  • 8/6 Erica Casey
  • 8/8 Steph Blad
  • 8/10 Becky Fisher
  • 8/11 Kristi Schleper
  • 8/17 Abbie Perron
  • 8/17 Aimee Riley
  • 8/21 Becky Bernard
  • 8/22 Rebecca Fobes
  • 8/23 Steph St. Peter