Holicong Middle School

Updates From Mr. Bucher

Kids Castle

We wanted to update the Holicong Community on the efforts of some Holicong students as Kids Castle is restored. The Kids Castle Renovation Committee has established a 5 year plan based on the immediate and long term needs of the playground equipment. They plan on dividing it into 5 phases, one phase for each year over the next five. The end goal will be to totally replace all existing structures with environmentally friendly and maintenance free play structures approved by the Township (with the exception of the castle). The Friends of Kids Castle are proposing to keep the iconic castle structure in place on the playground, however it will require extensive engineering evaluations to determine the safety and stability of the structure. The castle restoration will be incorporated into the 5 year plan.

Holicong Students already contributed to the project by producing art work for the renovated Kids Castle. I am certain that the level of voluteerism by Holicong Students goes beyond the creation of the artwork. We should be proud of what our students do for their own community.

9th Grade Assessment Rehearsal Scheduled For February 13 and 14!

News From Aramark

Aramark continues to offer a variety of lunch and breakfast items to students at Holicong. For recent news, please review Aramark's latest newsletter.

Information From The 9th Grade Team!

Ninth grade Holicong students watched and performed in an assembly about the Dust Bowl and Woodie Guthrie. The 9th Grade Choir performed with folk singers Jacob and Greta Stone. Students also learned more about the history of the Dust Bowl and the music of the time period. This assembly was one in a series of assemblies put together by the music and history department to integrate music into the study of history. The choir's performance was incredible!

Next Week's Athletic Events At Holicong.....

Monday 2/11 - 8th grade boys' basketball VS Richboro away

Wednesday 2/13 - 8th grade boys' basketball VS Log College home

"Zero Tolerance" Community Campaign

CB Cares Education Foundation has received a PLCB (PA Liquor Control Board) grant to create and communicate a message about “Zero” tolerance for underage drinking in our community. We need your child’s help to craft a message and design a poster to represent Holicong for this district wide campaign. CB Cares has created the overarching message for this initiative: “A Winning Hand is Alcohol Free."

The “Winning Hand” message simply translated means that students who make good choices in their free time which includes extracurricular activities such as, organized sports, playing an instrument, volunteering in the community, or even reading a book, also choose not to use alcohol and/or drugs as a result.

The objective for this campaign is to have students illustrate an image of what their “Winning Hand” does in addition to their academics. If they are a soccer player or swimmer, then they might create an image of that sport. One poster will be selected from the entries at Holicong and featured in the campaign throughout the community.

Instruction sheets are available in the Main Office. Entries are due to the Main Office by February 25.


Friday, Feb. 8th 2013 at 7:30-9:30pm

Holicong Rd

Doylestown, PA

2nd Marking Period Report Cards Distributed

Monday, Feb. 11th 2013 at 7:30am

Holicong Rd

Doylestown, PA