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Weekly Update #16

We Made It: Time for WINTER BREAK!!!!

Happy Holidays, Band Parents and Students!

It's finally time for winter break! I wish you and your families a safe, healthy, and happy Holiday break and start to the New Year!

Below is our update for our first week back - please note that NEW lessons will start on Monday. You can find links to the lessons below.

See you in 2016!!!!!


**Please remember that makeup lessons will no longer be offered. You need to speak with a director PRIOR to your lesson should you have a conflict. I strongly suggest entering your Trimester 2 lessons into your iPad and/or assignment notebook so you can plan ahead!**

Monday, January 4th

- 8th grade band will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- 7th AND 8th graders have band lessons today! 7th Lessons HERE and 8th lessons HERE

Tuesday, January 5th

- 6th grade band will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- 7th graders have band lessons today - 7th Lessons HERE

Wednesday, January 6th

- 8th grade band will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- 6th graders have band lessons today - 6th Lessons HERE

- Jazz Band will rehearse from 3-4 PM

Thursday, January 7th

- 7th grade band will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- 6th graders have band lessons today - 6th Lessons HERE

Friday, January 8th

- Wildcat Symphony will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- 8th graders have band lessons today - 8th lessons HERE

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Nice Job at the Winter Wonderfest, Jazz Band!

It was a GREAT and FUN day for our jazzers! Next up is the Northshore Jazz Festival at GBS in January! Keep practicing!!
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Need something fun to do over break? Check out B-A-N-D-O!

Practice B-A-N-D-O is just like B-I-N-G-O! Complete the following sheet over break! Any student who achieves 5 spaces in a row will get $20 Band Bucks upon our return to school!

Extra Band Bucks will be given for double or triple B-A-N-D-Os!

Download your copy of B-A-N-D-O here and make sure to get a parent signature!

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Is it time for an Instrument Checkup?

Winter Break is the PERFECT opportunity to give your instrument some TLC from all the hard work it has encountered since August!

Many music stores offer an annual instrument service (similar to the way you get your car serviced!). Instruments are cleaned and polished, keys are realigned and adjusted, and everything is checked to be in working order. I strongly recommend having your instrument serviced at least TWICE a year - once during winter break and once during summer break.

You can have your instrument serviced at the following locations:

Evanston Band and Orchestra (they have a shop RIGHT in the store!!)

4125 Main St.

Skokie, IL

(847) 673-3812

Quinlan and Fabish

59 W. Seegers Road

Arlington Heights, IL

(847) 253-5592

Total Music

1466 Waukegan Rd.

Glenview, IL

(847) 724-5310

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January and February Morning Rehearsal Calendars!

Click HERE for January! Click HERE for February!
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Looking for a New Year's Resolution...?

Look no further! Resolve to sound better and upgrade a piece of equipment!

You can find the Springman Recommended Equipment list by clicking HERE.

Please note that the items marked with asterisks (***) are strongly encouraged. These items will make an enormous difference in the students' sound and their performance in an ensemble. Furthermore, this equipment can be used through high school and, often, beyond high school! The more students that "step-up" even ONE piece of equipment will help our ensembles to sound amazing...plus, it's a GREAT New Year's resolution!

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Private Lessons!

Do you LOVE playing your instrument? Do you want an additional challenge and some one-on-one time with a professional?

If so, think about taking private lessons! You'll have the tremendous opportunity to continue to advance and improve your skills!

You can find the recommended Glenview Private Lesson Teacher list by clicking HERE!

Contact Mrs. Nellis

Happy Holidays from the Nellis residence dogs, Ghost and Loki!