Discovery Night

The Great Lessons

Join Us Thursday Night

Please join us at 6:00 PM at HTM for our Discovery Night! These evenings are wonderful times of engagement between HTM teachers, parents, and others who want to learn about Montessori principles in which we discuss the Montessori approach to education and the general experiences of children at our school.

For this Discovery Night, we'll explore The Great Lessons. These lessons, introduced during the Lower Elementary years, are a very important element of the Montessori education and are designed to appeal to a child's sense of wonder, curiosity, and imagination.

Traditionally, there are Five Great Lessons that are used to paint a broad picture before moving to more specific study. They consist of:

  • First Great Lesson - Coming of the Universe and the Earth
  • Second Great Lesson - Coming of Life
  • Third Great Lesson - Coming of Human Beings
  • Fourth Great Lesson - Communication in Signs
  • Fifth Great Lesson - The Story of Numbers

Find out how, in just the First Great Lesson alone, your child will be introduced to (and encouraged to explore) astronomy, meteorology, chemistry, physics, geology, geography, and more. Learn how The Great Lessons promote unity and cohesion among all aspects of learning and are the foundation for a holistic approach to education that nurtures the "whole child." Discover why we begin with large concepts (after all, what's larger than the universe?) and gradually see how smaller ideas fit within that framework. Most importantly, find out why this approach is the right fit for your child, and why he or she will thrive in this environment and continue to nurture a love for learning all throughout his or her educational experience.

This is the only time of the year that we offer such an in-depth look at this important topic, so please make plans to attend. Whether your child is already in Lower Elementary or is just beginning his or her Montessori journey as a Toddler, we invite you to join us for this exciting night of discovery!

Discovery Night

Thursday, March 6th, 6pm

525 Sneed Rd

Nashville, TN

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