Views on issues today

Why is it important to inform you on the issues of today and our thoughts?

Well, many people may wonder why it is important to tell them our thoughts on today's current issues. There are actually many reasons. For example, the political party that our president believes in is one of the most important things, what they think will set a strict base for how we live our lives. Your opinion has a great impact, the candidates that want to become president really have to depend on your vote! So here are some current reasons why you may consider voting for the Democratic party.


  • Who formed the party? Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were the formers of the Democratic Party in 1828. Some issues to forming the platform was they had to fight for being against the national bank, they wanted tariff resolutions, disagreed with bearing bonds, and they favored the admission of territories.
  • How does the party choose their candidates? They have a national democratic convention which id a series of nominating conventions. The goal is to nominate and confirm a candidate for vice president and president.


Democrats are a party more for the people of middle class and lower. In addition, they feel that it would be better to cut taxes for the middle and lower class and raise them for the higher class. For example, Obama cut taxes for working classes and believed they should even be raised for upper class.

Gun Control

Democrats would like to regulate the gun control in America. Obama recently said he would like to set a new law on guns. However, republicans are coming back saying that he is violating the first amendment which is the right to bare arms. He and the other democrats would like to see a very strict regulation on guns today. This may be because of all the recent school shootings and other incidents with guns.

Death penalty and crime

"We believe that the death penalty must not be arbitrary" (Democratic Party On Gun Control) (arbitrary means to be based on a random choice) they feel that before death penalty DNA should definitely be used. Also, they should take in consideration the rights of the people first. To go to a further level others want to even repeal the death penalty.

Current News

Obama, the current president is a democrat. The current debate for the next president has caused many people to take sides. Hillary Clinton is in the lead for the democratic party and Donald Trump is in the lead for the Republican party. Next, whoever wins candidate for their party will then go on and debate against one another.