Spanish 3 Online

Week 15 Update

What's going on this week?

This week your student should be starting Unidad 8, our last unit of the course. Since we only have two more weeks left in the quarter, please take a moment to review the closing dates for the remainder of the assignments.
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Please note that students only get ONE WEEK to complete the unit 16 assignments. It is important that your student adhere to this schedule of assignments. I do NOT recommend students trying to complete 2 weeks of work in one week.

U8 RLCs This Week

  • 4/28 @ 4 pm Sra. Pastorius
  • 4/28 @ 6 pm Sra. Cast
  • 4/28 @ 9 pm Sr. Alvarado
  • 4/29 @ 2 pm Sra. Aguirre
  • 5/1 @ 7 pm Sra. Melo

Contact Sra. Blachy

Please use my doodle page if you would like to schedule a phone conference with me to discuss your student's progress.