The Circulatory System

How the circulatory system by Rashida dixon


have you ever thought about the circulatory system ? well,I will tell you three things. It might help you learn more about the circlatory system.

How does blood,heart and organ help the circulatory system ?

boold helping the circulatory system

It delivers nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in the body.Arteries carry blood from the heart and the veins carry blood back to the heart.Did you know it consists of the heart and blood vessels running through the body.

how does the heart help the ciculatory system?

The heart helps by beating about three billon times in a life time. It keeps the the circulatory system moving. The heart pumps blood and keeps the blood moving though out the body.Did you know that tricuspid valve,mitral valve, aortic valve and pulmonary valve help the heart move so the circulatory system is working.

How does the organ help the circulatory system?

only one of the organ in the circulatory system is imporant. The heart is the central organ in the circulator system. Did you know there is a other circulatory system similar to it is the pulmonary system.
So now you know about the circulatory system. Now think about the three things I told you.