Morello Park Elementary

Stacy Joslin, Principal

Thank you Staff, Parents and Students

As we celebrate another successful year at Morello, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for an amazing three years, serving as your Principal. This Morello community is exceptional. The staff, students and families have all worked together to make this school a special place for children.

Over the past three years, we have accomplished, as a staff, student and parent community, many wonderful things that have enhanced our school and made it a safer place for children.

Some of those impactful additions for us ALL to celebrate before we leave for Summer have been:

* Working together on the revision of our School Safety Plans (E.g policy, drills, practice, training, adding communication, collaborating with police and other community stakeholders)

* Adoption of "Character Counts" (E.g lessons, honoring children, living by the “Six Traits,” student led weekly announcements)

* Adoption of our "Eagle Code"

* Revision of school rules, additional celebrations, Music Fridays, drop-off & pick up routines

* Schedules to support maximum instruction times

* Adoption of a new ELA program

* Implementation of a new "Counseling Program" where all children are taught lessons in the classroom to support emotional and social growth

* Addition of student leadership opportunities

* The list goes on…… thanks to our staff and parent community who have worked as a team

These positive additions have truly impacted our learning community. Thank you ALL for allowing me to be a part of the important work to make our school a place where children feel safe, welcomed, cared for and valued.

I am excited to share this amazing learning community with Ami Nichols, our new Principal for Morello. With all of her experience and visible passion for children, I am excited to see Ami lead the next exciting chapter at Morello.

In closing, it has truly been an honor to serve your community as the Principal of Morello. Thank you for your dedication and tireless efforts each day. I also want to extend my deep appreciation to our staff for the extra time, energy and care they willingly give our students each day. They touch our children's lives in a way that is inspiring and encouraging.

Together through the partnership of staff and parents, we have nurtured Morello to be a place where people want to be. Thank you for YOUR part behind the scenes and out in front.

Have a safe and happy Summer!

Thank You Parent Volunteers and PTA

On behalf of the Morello Staff, we want to say, "THANK YOU" to all of our parents who work endlessly to make our school a great place to be! We appreciate hundreds upon hundreds of volunteer hours you do for our learning community here at the school and behind the scenes. The PTA has worked hard to be able to provide so many additional experiences for our students. We could not provide all of these impactul experiences without the partnership of our parent community.



If you are planning to move over the summer or are enrolling your student in another school, please let us know by calling the Morello Office at (925) 335-5840. This helps us prepare and forward your child’s records, enabling his/her smooth transition. Thank you for your help. If you have any questions over the Summer, please call the Martinez Unified School District at (925) 335-5800.

Important Dates to Remember


31: Coffee with the Principal/ Introduction of Mrs. Nichols/ Last Music Friday/ Eagle Party 2nd grade


3: 5th Gr Kickball Tourney begins/ Green Team Party with Principal/ Student Council Meeting

4: Field Day (wear comfortable shoes, clothing, sunblock, bring water)/ Measure R meeting

5: Wacky Wednesday Schedule/ 4th grade Bruch & Kickball/ Shelter in Place/ 2nd gr lunch/ Alhambra Clap Out @ 1:10 pm

6: 5th gr Kickball/ Retirement Clap out @ 8:20am/ 1st Gr Luau/ 5th gr Promotion Practice

7: MINIMUM DAY/ Last Day of School/ Kindergarten @ Highland Park

8:17 Weekly Announcements/ Playground OPENS FOR PARKING

8:30 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony in MU

9:30 5th Grade Clap Out

11:20 Kindergarten Dismissed

12:00 School Closes for Summer

Summer? Keep Those Skills Fresh

Summer is a special time for families to take vacations and spend a little more time together. Your children have worked so hard this year, mastering skills at the grade level. How do we prevent students from losing skills over the long summer break? How do we keep our children motivated over the long summer?

Here are some tips to consider this summer:

Make Time For Learning (30- 60 minutes a day!)

* Read, read, read and consider reading under a tree on a warm day

* Ask your children what they read and talk about it together

* Encourage your children to "Stop and Jot" down things that happen in the book to increase comprehension

* Study the sight words, write a letter to someone, keep a journal, draw or play math games

* Consider the learning applications on our website (E.g. IXL, Raz Kids, Starfall, ABCYA, etc)

* Have your children, under your supervision, buy things on your road trip and count the change

* Assign responsibilities to your children (E.g. chores, feed the animal, set the table)

* Model good grammar

* Take your child to the library

* Have your child teach you about recycling since they recycle each day at school

Focus on Health

* Hike outdoors or Swim together (with sun protection of course)

* Make a healthy snack together, create a list of snacks to make (life skills)

* Make a wish board of the things your child would like to do over the summer and include your child in the planning

* Garden together and possibly plant some fruit or vegetables

* Catch up on health appointments

* Emotional health is just as important as physical health. Encourage your child to use the "I Message" when talking about feelings

* Find a location for "Music in the Park" and dance as a family

Whatever you do, we wish you a SAFE, FUN and HAPPY SUMMER!

Retiring Teachers We Thank You

We want to thank four special individuals who have made a lasting impact on our MPE students over the years. It takes a BIG heart to help shape little minds. These ladies have encouraged students to dream of extraordinary things. We wish them a retirement full of joy, travels, peace, great health and fun!

Jan Sanderson

Cindy Datyon

Diane Ferreira

Francoise Contastin

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Thank You Martinez Junior High

We would like to extend our thanks to the Martinez Junior High Leadership class and ALL of the students who have volunteered at the many events held at Morello Park this year. We recognize your volunteer efforts and appreciate you! You are always welcome to come home to Morello, bring friends and volunteer. Thank you Todd Navarro for coordinating the partnership between the schools this year.
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