Peter Larson's Sleep Out

By: Nayeli Ramirez


"I sleep out because in my heart, I know I'm helping other people"


12 years straight Peter has been sleeping in a cardboard box from November 12 through December 31, to raise awareness for the homeless population in his hometown of Plymouth, Minnesota. Peter hopes to raise enough money to house 50 families.


Since the beginning of Peter's fund raising he has slept out for 295 nights and he was able to raise $400,000, enough to provide housing for 450 families.


Peter receives a good Samaritan Award, which is the top youth award from the Commission on United Methodist Men for Sleeping out to raise money.
Peter's award for Sleeping out for IOCP

What is a Hero?

Any person really intent on making this world a better place for all people.

Peter Larson the hero

At such a young age Peter has a big heart and already is thinking of making a change in the world. He'll do what it takes to raise money even if it means sleeping in a box during Christmas. Saving enough money to help 450 families in 12 years is something that not everyone will do. Peter Larson is a hero for putting aside his problems and thinking about others and helping them get a home. He's actually making this world a better place.